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Get Answers on Vaccines, the Separation, our DEI Commitment or Volunteerism

By BSC Communications on 4/8/21 10:16 AM

In this week’s Dos & Don’ts, you’ll get your questions answered! Whether it’s about vaccines; Exelon Connect; the separation; our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion; or how to volunteer outside — we’ve got answers!

Changed Your Mind About Getting Vaccinated?

Do let us know! As the company works to acquire vaccines for employees whenever possible, it’s critical we have the correct data on who wants to be inoculated against COVID-19. So…

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We’re All Sick of Dealing with COVID!

By BSC Communications on 4/1/21 2:56 PM

Understandably, employees across the company are tired of all the COVID precautions and protocols that have ruled our lives for the last year.

Unfortunately, we can’t let our guard down yet. While some states have relaxed restrictions, the case numbers still show that the virus is not well-controlled, and those relaxed restrictions are not an indication that the COVID health and safety risks are gone.

A Sobering Reality
Yes, vaccines offer some hope. And, yes, the numbers of new infections and death have dropped significantly from their highs a few months ago. The reality, however, is that transmission of the virus remains at similar levels as it was last summer when everyone was on high alert. And, in some cases – including states in the Northeast and Michigan – rates have begun to rise again. The states that are seeing increases also report high incidences of new COVID variants.

The same is true at Exelon – but even more so. The number of employees who are getting sick every week is increasing significantly again, as well the number of employees being hospitalized for COVID (four in the last week, alone).

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Another Employee’s Vaccine Story; Vaccine Info for Veterans; Tough Topics in a Virtual World and More

By BSC Communications on 4/1/21 1:36 PM

In this week’s Dos & Don’ts, we feature a vaccine story from a Nuclear colleague, information to assist veterans in getting vaccinated, a new webinar on the challenge of inclusivity in a virtual environment, new opportunities for volunteering outside and the importance of updating your devices to keep them secure.

An Employee's Vaccine Story
miss our latest testimonial from a colleague who has been vaccinated. Eric Steinberg, senior ops training instructor at the Braidwood nuclear plant in Illinois, shares his experience with both shots and why getting vaccinated was important to him.

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Vaccine Eligibility; Scams; Our New Intranet is Coming!

By BSC Communications on 3/25/21 3:30 PM

In this week’s Dos & Don’ts, we encourage you to check your vaccine eligibility and get registered, learn how to protect yourself from vaccine and tax scammers, and get ready for Exelon Connect!

Don’t Delay; Register Today!

Are you eligible to get the COVID vaccine in your state? Then don’t delay – register today! Be sure to check your state’s eligibility rules because you already may be eligible and don’t know it.

Exelon continues to try to get vaccines for employees and has partnered with Walgreens, Matrix Clinical Solutions and Harness Health to support vaccine procurement and administration to employees. However, the company may not be successful in procuring vaccines in all locations, depending on the vaccine administration approach each state/county is using. Under the current landscape, some states aren’t allowing companies to be distribution points for COVID vaccines. Instead, the states are directing vaccine supply to mass state/county vaccination sites, healthcare providers or pharmacies for administration.

Vaccine supply also continues to be a challenge. So, don’t wait to get the vaccine from the company – do follow your state’s eligibility guidelines and register with your county. Also, try to explore available appointments with as many retail pharmacies (e.g., CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and local supermarkets with pharmacies) as possible to increase your chances of being inoculated right away.

A special note for veterans: If you are receiving healthcare through the Veterans Administration (VA), you may be able to be vaccinated through the VA. More information is available at

Finally, don’t forget you can update your vaccination survey responses and report your vaccination to the company via the dedicated Vax Scene site or by calling 1-877-7EXELON (1-877-739-3566).

Be Aware of COVID-19 Scams & Keep Vaccine Top of Mind

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Message from Chris Crane: One Year In – Re-entry Timing and Thank You

By BSC Communications on 3/22/21 11:45 AM

Dear Colleagues,

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New CDC Guidance for Vaccinated People; Spotlight with Barb Stevens and Important Apple Update

By BSC Communications on 3/19/21 11:10 AM

In this week’s Dos and Don’ts, we feature new guidance from the CDC, an interview with our resident health expert Barb Stevens about vaccines and more!

CDC Guidance for Vaccinated Individuals

As some states change their mask mandates or completely open without any COVID restrictions, you may be wondering if Exelon is changing its PPE practices based on new guidance from the CDC about people who’ve been vaccinated.

For now, the answer is “no.” Exelon safety protocols, including use of PPE, screening, social distancing and cleaning, are not changing at this time. CDC guidance lifting mask and social distancing requirements for fully vaccinated individuals does not apply to workplaces and is limited to contact with one other low-risk household.

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A New Vaccine Employee Story, a Chance to Change Medical and FSA Coverage and More!

By BSC Communications on 3/15/21 11:14 AM

In this week’s Dos and Don’ts, we feature a new vaccine story, a reminder about entering our buildings, an opportunity to change your medical and FSA coverage, new separation FAQs and more!

A New First-Person Experience and more Vaccine News

Don’t miss our newest vaccine testimonial from Leah Covington, director Human Resources for BGE. Leah shares her experience both contracting COVID-19, but also getting the vaccination and what it means to her. Do be sure to check out her story!

Also, if you’ve been lucky enough to get the COVID-19 vaccine, don’t forget to let us know on the vaccine reporting page in Service Now, which has been updated to include the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

And, do make sure to safeguard your vaccine verification cards, just like you would any other important document. It may come in handy (or even be required) for travel or other vaccine verification purposes.

Going Somewhere?

Planning to head into an Exelon office? Although buildings are open, do make sure you have a business purpose to be on-site. Don’t forget to follow COVID-19 signage, including those explaining how to enter the building and screen yourself on-site. Do remember to wear your personal protective equipment (PPE) and practice social distancing, including limiting the number of people in elevators. Don’t forget that hand sanitizer and surface wipes are available at all locations. For more information, please review the Responsible Re-entry Webinar. If you are on-site and need PPE, sanitizer or surface wipes, please review this contact list to know who to call.

Temporary Opportunity to Change Plan Elections

Late last year, Congress passed a bill – The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 – that allows plan sponsors, like Exelon, to permit participants to make certain mid-year changes to health care and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans. These temporary changes are intended to allow participants to address unanticipated situations caused by the pandemic.

Do be aware of this temporary opportunity to change some of your elections under the Exelon health care and spending account programs. For instance, you could enroll in medical coverage beginning March 12 or increase or decrease your contributions to a dependent care FSA without regard to a qualifying change of status (such as marriage, birth or adoption). The bill also extends claims deadlines related to 2019 and 2020 health care and dependent care FSA balances. Do read this overview for more details on this temporary opportunity.

Reminder: Check Out the New Separation HR FAQs

Do check out the latest frequently asked questions (FAQs) on human resources and benefits aspects of the company’s separation on our Focus on Our Future intranet site. Do get the answers to important questions, like what happens to the pension plans and what happens to stock in the Employee Savings Plan?

Replacing Symantec Endpoint Protection with Microsoft Defender

Exelon is transitioning from Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) to Microsoft Defender to protect against cyberthreats, such as viruses and malware across email, the cloud and the web. Do take note: from March through June, Microsoft Defender will be enabled on all Windows 10 computers and added to all Windows 7 and Mac computers. A reboot will be required after the installation.

Do be aware that some remote workers may see a pop-up window with a request to connect to the Exelon Network, through the Citrix Gateway VPN, prior to installation. Users who have not installed the VPN yet should do so with these instructions.

Do continue to be vigilant against suspicious emails and calendar invitations. Through our ongoing collective efforts, we can continue to protect Exelon’s critical assets and information.

Tour the New Intranet: Exelon Connect!

Do take a few moments to tour Exelon Connect, which will launch across all OpCos and BSC starting in late March! Don’t forget that with the reimagined intranet, you’ll be able to customize your content, share important stories on LinkedIn, search for the things that matter to you and do it all from your mobile device! Learn more by watching this video.

This message and any attachments or links are intended for use by Exelon employees and authorized contractors only. Copying, sharing or forwarding confidential information to outside parties is a violation of Exelon’s Code of Business Conduct and the Corporate Acceptable Use Policy, and is strictly prohibited. Before sharing any confidential company information externally, please consult your supervisor or contact Exelon’s Ethics Office at

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New Vaccine Coming; Gyms Closed; New Intranet Coming; Your Medical Ally is Here

By BSC Communications on 3/4/21 11:33 AM

This week’s Dos & Don’ts provides an overview of the J&J vaccine and the latest guidance on fitness centers, along with some other reminders.

J&J Vaccine Approved!

The FDA has determined the J&J vaccine is safe and effective and has approved it for emergency use (it underwent similar rigorous testing and review as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines). Do know that the FDA has determined that its efficacy rates are well within the range for it to be another important tool in our efforts to end the pandemic. The J&J vaccine is 85 percent effective in preventing severe COVID-19 and 100 percent effective against COVID-19 hospitalization and death.

The J&J COVID-19 Vaccine is just one shot and, similar to the other approved vaccines had some commonly reported side effects, including pain at the injection site, headache, fatigue, muscle aches and nausea. Most of these side effects were mild to moderate in severity and lasted 1-2 days.

Don’t hesitate – we encourage employees to get whichever vaccine is available to them first. When Exelon has the opportunity with local jurisdictions to offer employees vaccines, we will be offering the vaccine that is available at that time – Pfizer, Moderna or J&J.

Gyms Remain Closed due to Coronavirus

The Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) recently traced a COVID-19 outbreak back to a fitness center in Chicago after 68 percent of a class (55out of 81 attendees) contracted the virus. Do take note of this research and ensure you are exercising safely. One key finding of the report is that gym members who were infected were more likely to only wear masks infrequently during classes.

Exelon does not plan to reopen its fitness centers at this time, given that case counts in the U.S. remain high. If you exercise in a gym outside your home, please practice social distancing and don’t neglect to wear your mask at all times.

Exelon Connect – Coming Soon!

Don’t worry – the separation announcement will not affect our upcoming launch of Exelon Connect, the new, personalized intranet experience you’ve been waiting for! We’ll be rolling out the new intranet to each operating company and BSC department over the next several weeks. With the reimagined intranet, you’ll be able to sign-in to the network on your mobile device, making company information safe, secure and accessible. Learn more by watching this video.

ConsumerMedical – Your Medical Ally!

If you’re enrolled in an Exelon medical plan, do look out for a home mailer from ConsumerMedical, Exelon’s new partner for expert medical services. In fact, they may even call you to introduce themselves!

As part of this new, expanded benefit, ConsumerMedical’s expert team of doctors, nurses and researchers can help you:

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Your Questions – about Vaccines or Separation – Answered!

By BSC Communications on 2/26/21 1:49 PM

This week, we're bringing you candid, expert answers about the latest vaccine news, and reminders about where to find the news and FAQs about separation, and the SmartDollar sweepstakes.

Q&A with an Expert: Dr. Lawler Answers Common COVID Vaccine Questions
With two vaccines on the market and several more in the pipeline, questions abound around safety, effectiveness, post-shot symptoms and variant protection. Between sensational media coverage and Internet rumors, expert answers can be hard to come by. Not anymore!

On a recent All Call, ComEd CEO Joe Dominguez posed employees’ most common questions to infectious disease expert Dr. James Lawler, special advisor for health to The Asia Group, Executive Director for International Programs and Innovation for the Global Center for Health Security, as well as the Deputy Medical Director for the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC).

Do take some time to listen (by clicking the links below) to Dr. Lawler’s candid answers, some of which might surprise you. Please note: these are audio files only.

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CDC Guidance; Hungry Neighbors; New Intranet and More!

By BSC Communications on 2/18/21 1:28 PM

In this week's Dos and Don’ts, we answer some new questions about masks and quarantines, remind you about an easy way to help feed the hungry, preview the new intranet and much more!

Masks and Quarantine: New Guidance?

The CDC recently came out with some revised guidance on double-masking and quarantine after getting vaccinated. The following information answers your questions about Exelon’s positions.

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One Employee’s Experience Getting a Vaccine; New ExelonAlert Address and Much More

By BSC Communications on 2/11/21 12:55 PM

This week’s Dos and Don’ts showcases an employee’s experience as a vaccine trial participant, as well as a number of changes coming your way, including a new Ethics Help Line reporting website.

“I Got the Vaccine” – One Employee’s Story

Do you want to know more about what it’s like to get the vaccine? Don’t miss Exelon Power Communications Manager Mark Rodgers’ recounting of his participation in the Moderna Stage 3 Clinical Trial for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Do take a moment to learn more about his experience here.

ExelonAlert Gets a New Email Address

Don’t mistake emails from as SPAM. Beginning this week, alert notifications are being sent from that email address, instead of the old address (

The ExelonAlert notification system helps keep you are aware of potential security threats or business impacts, and potential precautionary measures you should take to ensure safety and business continuity.

Do update your contact information in the HR Solutions Hub to ensure that you receive these updates. Contact with any questions.

Ethics Help Line Gets New Software and a New Look

Do take note that the Ethics Help Line was recently updated and has a new look online. And new software, Ethics Point, is easier to use and helps streamline the reporting process, while continuing to protect the anonymity and confidentiality of those who report potential violations of the Exelon Code of Business Conduct. Don’t worry—you can still make an anonymous report online by clicking the “Report a Concern Online” link on the Compliance and Ethics page in myExelon. The Help Line phone number (1-800-23-ETHIC) remains the same. Don’t hesitate to contact the Ethics Office if you have any questions or would like them to talk to your team about ethics reporting.

Curiosity Caught the Phish

Before clicking a link in an external email, do think of the red external banner as a sign to stop, think and review information before acting. Not all external emails are malicious, but you should always review the email before clicking a link or opening an attachment.

Do be cautious of misspellings or additional characters in an email address and confirm you recognize the sender’s information before clicking a link. Don’t let curiosity get the best of you. Phishing scams rely on emotional triggers like curiosity, urgency, fear, and reward to drive you to action.

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Don’t Believe Vaccine Myths or Travel Internationally; Do Fight Hunger with Valentines and Upgrade Your Apple Devices

By BSC Communications on 2/4/21 1:20 PM

This week’s Dos and Don’ts bust some vaccine myths, cover the CDC’s new international travel rules and much more.

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Vaccine Survey, Registration and Pay; Show us Some Love; Nominate a Volunteer

By BSC Communications on 1/28/21 1:52 PM


This week’s Dos and Don’ts is all about the COVID-19 vaccine – how and when to register for it, and how to help us gauge the supply needs for other employees.
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More about Vaccines; Let Sharecare Help You; and a New Healthcare Benefit

By BSC Communications on 1/21/21 1:32 PM

This week’s Dos and Don’ts start off with a reminder and useful information about COVID-19 vaccine registration.

Vaccine Survey Reminder and Registration Information

remember to take the employee vaccine survey before January 29 to let us know your intention about getting vaccinated. This will help ensure we provide states and counties with accurate numbers, as they allocate doses to various populations, including critical infrastructure workers.

You may receive a targeted email from Exelon (specifically from the ExelonNow HR Solutions Hub or in some cases, your OpCo), including how to register or schedule an appointment when we are notified of vaccine availability in your particular state, county or local government. Exelon is working on several fronts to ensure our employees can get vaccinated as soon as possible, including advocating for priority for our essential workers and exploring possible approaches with large, private health care providers. We will share more information as soon as it’s available.

At the same time, you already may have higher priority in your state or county due to your age or an underlying health condition. Don’t delay! We encourage you to get vaccinated at the first available opportunity.

remember to get approval from your manager to receive up to four hours of paid time off to accommodate vaccination appointments during scheduled work hours. If your time off is approved by your manager, you (or a designated timekeeper) should use the “Time-Off with Pay Code” in e-Time. If you experience illness or symptoms following the vaccine, you should contact the Exelon Absence Reporting Line at 1-877-739-3566.

Once you’ve received a dose of the vaccine, please go to the HR Solutions HUB to document receipt after each dose of the vaccine using the Voluntary Disclosure of Receipt form (just type “voluntary disclosure” in the search field). Vaccine information will be treated as confidential employee information and will enable us to better understand the need for additional employee vaccines, as they become available.

Vaccine distribution information continues to evolve rapidly, and we will keep you as up to date as possible. Do check out the Vax Scene webpage for updates and information.

Start the New Year Right with Sharecare and SmartDollar

Let’s kick off the new year right and not let our personal goals fall by the wayside. Do take advantage of the multitude of resources available within the Sharecare platform. From healthy recipes to tips on managing your finances, Sharecare can help you take a more holistic approach to your overall health and financial wellbeing. Do personalize your Sharecare experience by logging into and clicking “Discover” from the main menu. Then, select “Health Topics.”

During February, SmartDollar, a financial tool within the Sharecare platform, is offering a giveaway sweepstakes to all Sharecare users (not just Exelon). Do sign-in to the SmartDollar platform for a chance to win $250 or $5,000. Every day in February that you log-in is another chance to win!

New Benefit for Healthcare Enrollees: Free Access to Medical Experts

If you haven’t already, do check out ConsumerMedical, Exelon’s new partner for expert medical services. Do look for a home mailer with more information in February. As part of this new, expanded benefit, ConsumerMedical’s expert team of doctors, nurses and researchers can help you:

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Required Survey on Vaccines Coming; Emergency Notifications; and Catching Phish

By BSC Communications on 1/14/21 4:31 PM

This week’s Dos and Don’t starts off with a heads up on a required survey on the COVID-19 vaccination.

Vaccine Survey Coming Your Way!

Exelon is committed to the safety of our workforce and the communities that we serve. The vaccination of our workforce is an important step in enhancing that safety.

To help state and local governments ensure enough COVID-19 vaccines are available for our employees (non-remote and remote-enabled), all employees will be receiving a very short, but required survey next week. The survey asks for just one answer about your intention to be vaccinated, so don’t delay and complete it right away. The information you provide will be used only for the purpose of notifying or prioritizing employees for vaccine availability and will be stored confidentially per our regular process for maintaining confidential employee records.

We’re all tired of the pandemic, and the more of us who are vaccinated, the quicker it will be over. While getting the vaccine isn’t mandatory, completing the survey is required. Don’t forget: the survey is coming your way next week and must be completed by Friday, January 29!

For more information on the vaccine and FAQs, don’t forget to check out the Vax Scene. webpage on the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center.

Safety and Security are Paramount

Exelon is committed to providing our employees with safe work environments. In most cases, successfully preventing threats to personnel or property starts with understanding how to recognize threats before they escalate.

You are our first line of defense and play a crucial role in helping to secure our people and our assets. Remember, if you see something suspicious, please notify your Supervisor.

In the event of an emergency make the following notifications; in the following order:

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Civil Discourse Reminder; Vaccine Update; Get Your Tax Documents Electronically and more

By BSC Communications on 1/8/21 10:28 AM

Today’s Dos and Don’ts feature a reminder on civil discourse, additional information on vaccines and prioritization, and more.

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Visit the Vax Scene; Redeem Dollars for Doers Grants; End of Year Reminders

By BSC Communications on 12/22/20 4:59 PM

This week’s Dos and Don’ts provides useful reminders before you head out for the holidays.

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More Vaccine Info, COVID Benefits Extension and More

By BSC Communications on 12/17/20 1:37 PM

Good news continues, with vaccinations already underway in our communities and COVID benefits coverage extended through 2021.

Vax Scene: Progress Marches On!

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) on December 11 granted the first Emergency Use Authorization for a COVID-19 vaccine to Pfizer, the initial shipments have moved to the states and vaccinations of healthcare workers have begun! Do know the quantities available are limited and only will be enough to vaccinate a fraction of front-line health care workers (phase 1a) in the U.S.

Another vaccine, from Moderna, is being reviewed by the Centers for Disease Control’s vaccine advisory council today (December 17), which will provide a recommendation regarding approval for Emergency Use Authorization to the FDA. If then approved by the FDA, more vaccines will be available to inoculate front-line health care workers and other populations (e.g., residents of long-term care facilities) in phase 1a.

Each state is working to determine where and when to vaccinate the next groups of people based on vaccine availability, vaccine type and lessons from the first round of vaccinations. It may be several weeks before we get a better understanding of how and when each state will administer the vaccine to essential critical infrastructure workers, including our field employees.

Wondering if you may qualify as an “essential worker,” and can get the vaccine before the general public? Check out the answer in the Vax Scene section of the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center.

Do keep in mind that the sooner everyone gets vaccinated when it’s available to them, the sooner the pandemic – and all the tragedies and challenges that come with it – will end for us all.

COVID Coverage and Benefits Extended into 2021

At this time, do be aware that Exelon will be extending many COVID-related benefit enhancements into 2021, including:

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Vaccine Info, Expense Management Updates, and E-Time and Password Reminders

By BSC Communications on 12/11/20 4:43 PM

This week’s Dos & Don’ts answers some questions about a COVID vaccine and includes important information about expense management and more.

Find COVID Vaccine News and Information in “Vax Scene”

Welcome to “Vax Scene,” where we’ll be sharing information about the Coronavirus vaccine and our collective shot at ending the pandemic. We’ll provide regular updates including what we know so far and answering some frequently asked questions. To stay up to date, you can also check our special “Vax Scene” section on the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center.

Today’s update includes information about vaccine progress and answers to some of your questions. While we won’t have answers to everything, we will share important information as soon as it’s available.

Vaccine Progress: Two vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna currently are under review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). A prime responsibility of the FDA’s highly trained scientists and doctors is to ensure vaccine safety. Each of these vaccines has been testing in clinical trials of at least 30,000 people (44,000 for Pfizer), which have shown that the vaccines are safe and effective. Thirteen other vaccines are in human trials. The FDA also inspects the vaccine manufacturing sites to make sure they comply with current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will be monitoring all the recipients of the vaccine to ensure any potential side effects are well understood and communicated.

Learn more about the comprehensive clinical trials that each vaccine must undergo on the Coronavirus Information Center or on the CDC’s website.

You also can find answers to these commonly asked questions in the special “Vax Scene” section of the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center:

Will Exelon require the vaccine?
Should I get the vaccine? How many shots do I have to get?
I’ve already had COVID. Do I need to get the vaccine?
Does the vaccine have side effects?
I’m a field worker. Will I get the vaccine earlier than the general population?
Will Exelon be distributing the vaccine like it does with the flu vaccine?
When will the vaccine be available?
What if I don’t get the vaccine? Will I be disciplined or have any work restrictions?
Will our families be able to get vaccines?

Updates and Enhancements in Expense Management

Although the pandemic has curbed work travel, do take note of the following changes when reconciling or entering expenses in Concur:

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Coronavirus and Pets; Celebrating Safely; Beware Holiday Scams

By BSC Communications on 12/4/20 11:24 AM

We hope you had a chance to relax over the holiday weekend. This week’s Dos & Don’ts kicks off with a COVID update for pet owners and another resource for celebrating the season safely with one of Exelon’s health partners, Sharecare.

Although Rare, Coronavirus can Infect Pets

Recent research has shown that the coronavirus can infect a variety of mammals, including household pets like cats, dogs, hamsters and ferrets, after close contact with a person with COVID-19. Cases are very rare and when pets have contracted the virus, most of them only had a mild case and fully recovered.

Still, how do you protect your pets? Do remain vigilant and encourage everyone in the house to try not to contract the virus by wearing a mask, frequently washing hands, sanitizing high-touch surfaces and practicing social distancing.

Some of these measures can be applied to your pets. Do keep your pets away from other people and pets (social distancing). But, don’t put a mask on your pet, as it could be harmful.

Do treat your pet like a member of your household. If someone in your house gets the virus, limit your pet’s contact with that person, just like you would any other member of the family. If your pet gets sick (is lethargic, refuses to eat, etc.), do take your furry friend to see a veterinarian. If your pet has the virus, limit your contact with your pet (specifically, limit contact between your face and your pet’s face). Learn more at the CDC website.

Celebrating Safely with Sharecare

While holidays and traditions may look a little different this year, don’t overlook celebrating safely and having a joyous season. If you are looking for tips and resources on how to host or gather safely or just need a little bit of inspiration, do follow Sharecare’s Healthy Holidays health topics at, then navigate to Discover > Health Topics > Healthy Holidays. Example topics include holiday safety, keeping healthy habits, avoiding overindulging, creative recipes, food swaps and more.

Beware Holiday Phishing Scams

Don’t let cyber attackers turn holiday cheer into phishing fear. Be vigilant against holiday phishing scams using holiday eCards, online shopping deals and package delivery notifications to lure victims.

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Phase 1 of Responsible Re-entry Postponed due to Increased Cases and Hospitalizations

By BSC Communications on 11/19/20 10:56 AM

Dear Colleagues,

I know 2020 has been a very difficult year for so many, and I can’t thank you enough for your commitment to our essential work and to your safety, as well as the health and safety of those around you. At the same time, the rapid increase we are currently seeing in infection and hospitalization rates, along with the experts’ outlook for a bad COVID winter, alarms me a great deal and drives the need for all of us to act.

Exelon’s action: We will again postpone the beginning of Phase 1 of the Responsible Re-entry plan until at least Memorial Day (May 31, 2021).

Let me explain how we came to this decision.

Leadership across Exelon has reviewed the criteria we’re using to determine the best time to launch Phase 1. Our considerations include everything from employee absentee numbers and COVID case numbers to rates of infection and hospital capacity in major locations where we operate. As the situation evolves, so must our criteria, plans and process.

Given this data, and the fact that we are seeing such an increase of COVID-19 in states across the U.S. -- and even higher increases in infection rates among employees (nearly all exposures coming from outside work) -- it is in everyone’s best interest to delay the beginning of Phase 1 until later in 2021. The health and safety precautions we’ve implemented at our facilities are effective in preventing the spread of the virus to our employees whose jobs require them to be in the field or working at one of our locations, but it just doesn’t make sense to bring more people in right now, unless there is a critical business need.

Your action: Do everything you can to prevent catching and spreading the virus. If your job requires you to come to a company or field location, it’s up to you to avoid bringing the virus to your workplace. If you’re working remotely, reach out to other remote-enabled workers. We haven’t been together for a long time, and we need to stay in touch, support and encourage each other. Continue to focus on your health, and the health of your family and coworkers. Follow the advice of public health experts: wear a mask and wear it the right way, keep social distance, and avoid large gatherings and other high-risk situations like bars and restaurants. It’s up to all of us to be careful and stay safe!

Leadership Action: By Memorial Day, it will have been more than 14 months since some remote-enabled teams and co-workers have been together. As always, it’s leadership’s job to keep teams informed, engaged and connected, both to the work and to each other. So, we will double down on maintaining that connection with you in every way we can in these very unusual circumstances.

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I want to let you know how grateful the entire Executive Committee and I are for each one of you. You are consummate professionals and demonstrate every day your commitment to your coworkers, customers and communities. Even during this unusual holiday season, I hope you have a chance to reflect on everything for which you are thankful and know how much we appreciate you.

We will get through this together.


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A Happy and Safe Thanksgiving, Volunteering Virtually and Open Enrollment Deadline

By BSC Communications on 11/18/20 1:42 PM

This week’s Dos & Don’ts provides ideas on having a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday as well as information on selecting your benefits (today!), updating your mobile browser and attending a post-holiday inclusion webinar.

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5 min read

Should You Stay or Go? Survey, Training and Benefits Deadlines Looming; Don’t Fall for Calendar Scam

By BSC Communications on 11/12/20 12:17 PM

​This week's Dos & Don'ts includes some helpful tips on knowing when to stay home or go out, along with some key deadline reminders. From updating your benefits elections to conducting annual training, you don't want to miss these key deadlines!

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2 min read

The Germiest Things, Take the Safety Survey, Give and Vote!

By BSC Communications on 10/15/20 11:07 AM

This week’s Dos and Don’ts shares some surprising information on the germiest things you touch, and reminders about taking the Safety Culture Survey, the Employee Giving Campaign and upcoming voting deadlines.

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Wondering about Re-entry? Microsoft Edge Update; Verify Your Voter Registration; New Security Game

By BSC Communications on 10/8/20 10:55 AM

This Week’s Dos and Don’ts: Wondering about Re-entry? Microsoft Edge Update; Verify Your Voter Registration; New Security Game

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Safety Survey Coming; Learn about Reinvent; Step it Up; and Don’t Let Your Guard Down

By BSC Communications on 10/1/20 1:27 PM

This week’s Dos and Don’ts is full of important reminders.

Safety Survey Coming Your Way

In case you missed the message from President and CEO Chris Crane, an important Safety Culture Survey is coming your way on Monday, Oct. 5. Do keep an eye out on Monday for a message with the survey link from your OpCo CEO. Don’t miss this anonymous opportunity to share your perspectives on safety at Exelon. The more people who participate, the more information we’ll have to make Exelon an even safer place to work.

Reinvent Lunch and Learn Lessons

Have a great idea about improving a process or even the company, but don’t know how to make it reality? Heard of the Reinvent site, but want to know more? Don’t miss your chance to learn all about it! The Innovation team is holding two, one-hour sessions designed to train new users on how to get the most out of all the great resources and information available on Reinvent, ranging from navigation to how to submit and evaluate ideas. You can also find hundreds of cool ideas submitted by your colleagues across Exelon. Do take advantage of this great opportunity – you can find it by going to the Learning Management System (LMS). Select “Log-in with SSO” and then “Learning” under “My Info.” Once there, enter “Reinvent Beginning Training” in the “Find Learning” search box. Part 1, on October 28 (register by October 23), and Part 2, on November 11 (register by November 6), will be the first two links. Please attend both parts of the training if your schedule allows.

Not Too Late to Step It Up

Exelon’s Step It Up Challenge starts today. It’s not too late to participate. Do register by Oct. 7 if you would like to Step It Up with Exelon during the beautiful fall season. To register, log on to or visit > Wellness Program. Once you’ve registered, you can join one of the pre-established teams like the Genco Game Changers or the Lone Adventurers to step with other employees participating on their own. You may also create your own team and invite your coworkers to participate with you. Don’t forget to download the Sharecare App and sync a tracking device after creating your account. For more challenge information, including how to take advantage of the Exelon Fitbit subsidy, review the Exelon Step It Up FAQ.

*Step It Up is available to all U.S.-based employees, excluding temporary employees, part-time employees scheduled to work fewer than 20 hours and employees represented by Locals 1238, 1307 and 1900.

COVID Fatigue is Real

Don’t let COVID fatigue get you down -- or get you sick. We’re all tired of the pandemic and everything that comes with it: masks, missing friends and loved ones, hand sanitizer, etc. But, if you’ve been reading the news, you know that cases of the virus are surging in some states and while plateauing in others, still remain too high. So, do rededicate yourself to staying safe and protecting others, whether at work or at home, by using your PPE, social distancing and washing your hands as often as possible. For more information about these and other actions you can take to avoid the virus, check out the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center.

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Get Stepping, Don’t Regret – Reset, Honoring D&I Partners

By BSC Communications on 9/24/20 4:58 PM

This week’s Dos and Don’ts will get you moving!

Step It Up with Exelon

The Step It Up challenge is back! Registration is open through Oct. 7 through the Sharecare platform. Do sign-up by logging on to or visiting > Wellness Program.  Once you’ve registered, you can join one of the pre-established teams (e.g., the Genco Game Changers, the Utility Transformers or the Lone Adventurers for those wanting to participate on their own) or create your own team and invite your coworkers to step with you. For more details, please review Exelon’s Step It Up FAQ.

Don’t forget to download the Sharecare App and sync a device after creating your Exelon Sharecare account. The Exelon Fitbit discount plus an extra $40 subsidy is also available to employees who didn’t take advantage of the offer in 2019 or since the launch of the Sharecare platform this June. Visit if you wish to order a discounted Fitbit.

*Fall Step It Up is available to all U.S.-based employees, excluding temporary employees, part-time employees scheduled to work fewer than 20 hours and employees represented by Locals 1238, 1307 and 1900.

Password Reset Reminder Emails – Coming Soon

Do you know the number one type of call to the IT Service Desk each Monday is resetting expired passwords? We know how frustrating this can be, so we’re taking steps to make sure you know when your password is set to expire.

Do look for new automated password expiration emails—starting 21 days before expiration. These system-generated emails may look suspicious, however, you can tell they are not SPAM/phishing because:

Do reset your password before it expires so you don’t lose access. And, if you must call the Help Desk, do keep in mind that legitimate Exelon IT staff will never ask you to reveal a password.

Celebrating Exelon’s 2020 D&I Honor roll

Do read Exelon’s press release saluting our business partners who share our commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Thirty-four companies are on the 2020 D&I Honor Roll, which recognizes partners in banking, insurance, IT, legal, professional services and investments for their work to include women and people of color in key roles on Exelon’s account teams, as well as additional efforts that recognize the value of D&I. 

“Companies with a diverse workforce are stronger, more agile, and more innovative because of the variety of experiences and viewpoints people bring to the table,” said Bridget Reidy, Exelon’s executive vice president of Corporate Operations. “While diversity, inclusion, and equity are good for business, it is a moral imperative that we reaffirm and recommit ourselves to these values in the wake of recent events.”

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An Executive Order; Vacation Time; DEI Webinar; and Avoid Malicious Meeting Invites!

By BSC Communications on 9/18/20 11:45 AM

This week's Dos and Don'ts starts with information about the recent Social Security Tax Executive Order.

Exelon Not Deferring Social Security Taxes

The Executive Order signed on Aug. 8, 2020, provided employers the option to defer the withholding of Social Security tax for those earning less than $4,000 per biweekly pay period. This Executive Order is a deferral and does not provide relief from eventually owing these taxes.

Similar to other large employers, Exelon will continue to withhold and will not be deferring any Social Security tax withholding during the period Sept. 1, 2020 - Dec. 31, 2020. This course of action to continue to withhold is permitted by the U.S. Treasury Department.

The reason we are not participating is that while employees would see an additional 6.2 percent in their checks this year, during the repayment period in 2021, the employee net pay would be less as they would be subject to double withholding (12.4 percent) of the applicable Social Security payroll taxes. This could result in more financial stress than the short-term benefits the deferral may have provided.

Do check out the financial health resources available for Exelon employees from our partners at Financial Engines. To find these resources, please access your 401(k) account online by logging onto the HR Services Portal and click Savings Plan and then select "Get Advice" from the dropdown menu.

Make Time for Vacation Time!

We're already at the end of the third quarter of the year, so it's time for another reminder 
about taking vacation. Don't forget -- roll-over allowances for vacation days will not be increased, so we encourage you to schedule your vacation days now rather than lose them at year's end. Even if the pandemic keeps you from traveling, taking time away from work is important for your 

Rest assured that Exelon is doing all we can to keep you and families, as well as our customers and communities, healthy and well during this difficult time. We encourage you to check the
Exelon Coronavirus Information Center frequently for more important information and updates.mental health. So, take a step back, relax and use your vacation time.

Reminder: Get the Flu Shot

The flu season is fast approaching. Do get your flu shot to protect yourself and others against the flu and preserve health care resources strained by COVID-19. On-site flu shots are available only to those employees and core contractors who are not remote-enabled and are working onsite at specific locations. Click here to schedule an appointment. Employees working remotely are encouraged to get the flu shot from a local pharmacy or health care provider.

Q3 DEI Webinar

Don't miss the upcoming Diversity, Equity and Inclusion webinar, "Disability: Beyond Accommodations: Creating Inclusive Workplaces for People with Disabilities."

This webinar will focus on visible and invisible disability awareness issues in workplaces and explore the differences between the accommodation component and the bias component of including people with disabilities in the workplace. The webinar also will present individual strategies that all employees can execute to be more actively inclusive of people with disabilities. It will be recorded.

"Disability: Beyond Accommodations: Creating Inclusive Workplaces for People with Disabilities"
Wednesday, September 30
11am-12:30pm CT/ 12 – 1pm ET
You can register here.

*To ensure the best user experience, please use Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer to register for this session.

Protect Yourself against Malicious Meeting Invites

While Exelon does not recommend Zoom or Google Meet, we understand that many external organizations use these platforms to conduct meetings. When accepting a meeting invitation from an external party, do check the sender's email address and meeting information for accuracy. Do hover over the meeting URL before clicking it and be watchful of misspellings. Don't click on links within a meeting invitation if you were not expecting the link. When in doubt, do use the Report Phishing Button to report suspicious emails.


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Volunteer on Sept 11, Find PPE, Employee Stock Purchase Plan News, and Virtually Kicking Off Hispanic Heritage Month

By BSC Communications on 9/11/20 10:42 AM

This week's Dos and Don'ts start with a recognition that today is the 19th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on our country. We're encouraging all employees to participate in virtual volunteer activities today to honor those lost in the attacks and those lost more recently to COVID-19. Do read more in this Message from Chris Crane.

Looking for PPE?

If you're wondering where you can get PPE at our primary office buildings, do check out the Employee Resources section of the Responsible Re-entry page (which can be found at the tab at the top of the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center).

Contacts at more sites may be added in the future.

Hispanic Heritage Month Virtual Kick-off

Don't miss a special, virtual Hispanic Heritage Month kick-off program, "Experience, Learn and Adapt to Challenges to Become Stronger," which is sponsored by all chapters of the Organization of Latinos at Exelon (OLÉ), on Tuesday, Sept. 15, from 11:45 p.m. to 1 p.m. ET. During this virtual event, you'll see a special video compilation of OLÉ activities and hear a Mexican musical performance. Then, beginning at noon ET, you'll hear from PECO VP Technical Services Steve Singh; BGE SVP Regulatory Affairs Alex Núñez; ComEd VP External Affairs Richard Negrín as keynote speaker; and ComEd SVP Regulatory and Energy Policy and General Counsel Verónica Gómez. If you plan to attend, please do register now.

Employee Stock Purchase Plan Account Upgrade

Do take note that your Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) account has been moved to Morgan Stanley's new platform called "Shareworks," which has an improved look and feel.  It also includes access to a companion account called Access Direct which offers online brokerage capabilities, electronic money transfers, and a debit card, if requested.

Already participating in ESPP? Don't worry, you don't need to do anything.  However, if you want to withdraw and receive a refund of your third quarter 2020 contributions, do call Morgan Stanley at 1-877-582-5113 before the end of day, Sept. 15.

Want to begin participating in the ESPP in 2021? Do be on the lookout for a Shareworks account activation e-mail from Morgan Stanley. Beginning on Oct. 1, all eligible employees will have the opportunity to set up a Shareworks account and enroll in the first quarter 2021 purchase period.

Please review the "Employee Stock Purchase Program" in the myHR section of the intranet for more details (myHR > Savings and Retirements > Stock Purchase Program). If you need assistance with your account, call Morgan Stanley at 1-877-582-5113.

Rest assured that Exelon is doing all we can to keep you and families, as well as our customers and communities, healthy and well during this difficult time. We encourage you to check the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center frequently for more important information and updates.

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Getting Your Flu Shot Is More Important Than Ever

By BSC Communications on 9/10/20 11:49 AM

As we approach the flu season in the face of a coronavirus pandemic, getting your flu shot this year is more important than ever. While it is hard to predict how COVID-19 will mix with the flu season, public health experts and doctors across the nation are urging people to get vaccinated not only to protect themselves and others against the flu, but to preserve health care resources that are already strained due to COVID-19.

On-site Flu Shots Update for Non-Remote-Enabled Employees

To ensure our employees and core contractors who are working on-site are protected against the flu, Occupational Health Services (OHS) will be providing flu shots at certain Exelon locations*. This service will be available only to those who are not remote-enabled and working on-site at the specific locations. To ensure we are adhering to proper health protocols and social distancing guidelines, flu shots will be administered by appointment only. We will not be able to accommodate walk-ins this year. Click to view list of vaccination locations and to schedule an appointment*

*Due to COVID-19 and to maximize the efficiency of and number of shots administered, only Exelon locations with OHS medical facilities and support will be administering on-site flu vaccinations this year.

Remote-Enabled Employees

Employees who are remote-enabled are encouraged to get their flu shot. For employees and dependents enrolled in Exelon medical coverage, flu shots are covered at 100 percent when provided by an in-network pharmacy or in-network physician or facility. For a list of in-network pharmacies, log in to or visit the site on the back of your ID card for in-network facilities or providers. Many local clinics, pharmacy retailers and major grocery chains are taking proactive measures in preparation for the flu season and to meet customer demand. Many retailers have also implemented additional safety measures meeting or exceeding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. Customers can get their flu shot by walk-in or schedule an appointment. Some retailers also are offering drive-through flu clinics and flu shots curbside.

Why is getting a flu shot particularly important this year?

Preventing the flu is always important. The flu can be especially dangerous for young and elderly individuals. Getting a vaccine will not only reduce the risk of getting the flu or needing to seek medical attention for it, it also ensures we all are doing our part to conserve already limited healthcare resources amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can the flu shot reduce my chances of getting the coronavirus?

No. The flu and the coronavirus are two different illnesses caused by two distinct viruses. No FDA-approved vaccine exists for the coronavirus, though many are in development.

When should I get my flu shot?

Flu activity peaks between December and February. This year, due to COVID-19, experts recommend people receive flu shots closer to the start of the flu season in September but no later than the end of October to ensure proper protection against infection.

How does the flu vaccine work?

Flu vaccines cause antibodies to develop about two weeks after vaccination. These antibodies provide protection from the viruses that are used to make the vaccine.

For more information about the flu, please visit CDC's website for influenza prevention.

Rest assured that Exelon is doing all we can to keep you and families, as well as our customers and communities, healthy and well during this difficult time. We encourage you to check the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center frequently for more important information and updates.


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Virtually Volunteer on 9/11; Get a Sitter; Responsible Re-entry Questions Answered; Protecting Emailed and Printed Information

By BSC Communications on 9/3/20 1:01 PM

This week’s Dos and Don’ts start with a call for your help. The anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks – just a week away – has become a very important National Day of Service and Remembrance. This year, the organizers of 9/11 Day are asking people to volunteer virtually as part of “9/11 Day at Home,” and in doing so, remember the many people lost during the attack, but also to COVID-19. There’s no cost, you choose the organization to support, and you can do it safely from home.

Need Ideas? Want to Participate?

make a difference by logging into the Powering Communities website, going to Volunteer > Search for Events and then signing up to participate in the virtual event on September 11. Please sign up for the event on September 11, even if you plan to do your volunteer activity another day that week or weekend.

If you volunteer as part of “9/11 Day at Home,” do post a picture to social media encouraging others to volunteer (Relevant hashtags: #911day; #ExelonVolunteers; #PoweringThruTogether). Your post could be highlighted in Exelon’s social media channels!

Here are just some of the virtual volunteer opportunities available:

Social Justice and Election:

  • Volunteer with VoteForward and mail voting reminders to people in underrepresented communities – click here to learn more
  • Volunteer with Protect the Vote and serve as an election protection volunteer – click here to learn more

Research/Content Accessibility:

  • The Smithsonian Digital Volunteer program engages the public in making its collections more accessible. Digital volunteers transcribe historic documents and collection records to facilitate research and preserve these valuable assets for future generations.
  • LibriVox is a nonprofit that coordinates online volunteers to record audio versions of public domain books.

Assistance for People with Disabilities:

  • Be My Eyes is a platform that allows volunteer helpers from around the world to “be the eyes” of someone visually impaired via live video chat.

And if you’d like even more ideas, take a look at this extensive list of virtual-volunteer opportunities.

Get a Sitter or Tutor Today!

take advantage of the new enhanced resources with Bright Horizons. These resources are available to all employees and include special pricing and exclusive discounts on educational support and sitter services. Live webinar tutorials to discuss these resources are available for those interested in learning more. Simply click on the “Register Now” link to sign up.  You may also visit Bright Horizons’ new site for these special offers at and choose Enhanced Family Supports (no password required).  

From the CDC: Stay Safe at the Pool and Beach

Staying six feet apart, wearing a mask, and washing your hands are just a few ways you can help slow the spread of COVID-19. Do watch this video, which includes these and more tips for how to stay safe at the pool and beach this Labor Day weekend

Responsible Re-entry Resource

Have questions about Responsible Re-entry? Do be sure you check out the new Responsible Re-entry microsite. You can access the site directly from the link below or go to the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center and click on the Responsible Re-entry tab.

Responsible Re-entry

Protect Exelon Information in Email

Need to email confidential documents outside of the company? Do stop, think and review to determine whether sending the email is consistent with the Acceptable Use Policy (SY-AC-6), which defines the appropriate use of Exelon’s Information Assets, and the corporate procedure on Protecting Exelon Information (LE-AC-301).

Do access Exelon information remotely by logging into the network instead of emailing the information to a personal email.

Don’t send Restricted Confidential, Confidential, proprietary or otherwise sensitive Exelon information to personal email addresses, unsecure accounts or to any recipient who does not have a valid business need to know and/or a confidentiality agreement in place.

Do utilize Outlook Message Encryption (OME) to encrypt any emails containing your own personally identifiable information (such as social security numbers) and ShareFile to securely access and deliver data for a business purpose.

Safely Print Exelon Information Remotely

When printing Exelon information remotely, do comply with company policies and ensure you are using required practices to print, store and dispose of Exelon confidential or sensitive information. Review this job aid for printing instructions. Do remember that your print jobs are monitored by Exelon’s Data Loss Prevention software, even when not on the Exelon network. Do remember that printing or downloading is not permitted if you are using Office 365 by connecting to Don’t throw away or recycle printed files in household trash or in public places unless they are shredded. If you don’t have your own shredder, you also can use a shredding company.

Rest assured that Exelon is doing all we can to keep you and families, as well as our customers and communities, healthy and well during this difficult time. We encourage you to check the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center frequently for more important information and updates.


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Questions about Responsible Re-entry? We've Got You Covered

By BSC Communications on 9/1/20 12:00 PM

Curious about what the experience will be like when you return to a work location? Wondering how adding more colleagues into the workplace will affect you as someone who’s been onsite all along?

Our new Responsible Re-entry microsite can help! You can find a lot of helpful information by clicking on the “Responsible Re-entry” tab on the top of the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center homepage.
You’ll find everything from the decision criteria for the timing of the phases of re-entry to the policies and procedures that everyone will follow. Each OpCo also has a section dedicated to their specific information.

We’ve also included a manager toolkit with a PowerPoint presentation, recorded webinar and key message/Q&A document.

Just like the main Exelon Coronavirus Information Center, most of the re-entry microsite is available from any internet-enabled device without needing to be on the network, and we’ll provide updates as they become available. Just remember, head to the Information Center and click on the “Responsible Re-entry” tab to access all the information you need.

Responsible Re-entry


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Stay Safe this Labor Day; New Childcare Assistance; Innovation Expo Reminder; Clear Your Cache

By BSC Communications on 8/28/20 12:29 PM

We’re starting this week’s Dos and Don’ts with some Labor Day advice…

Labor Day isn’t for Relaxing…Your Safety Precautions

Did you know that Exelon saw a spike in employee COVID-19 cases after the July 4th weekend? We did, and we don’t want the same thing to happen Labor Day weekend.

We’re all tired of masks, social distancing and missing our family and friends. But now’s not the time to ease up on our efforts to limit the spread of coronavirus. That person partying at the bar or family picnic next to you could easily be one of the up to 40 percent of people who have the virus, but don’t show symptoms – and they still can infect you. Don’t take the chance of catching the virus or bringing it back home or to work. If you can, do take it easy this Labor Day – but don’t relax your COVID-19 safety efforts.

Need Childcare or Educational Support?

As schools reopen or move to virtual learning, we recognize the complications and complexities this may bring for working parents and caregivers. That’s why we’ve partnered with Bright Horizons to offer a separate, enhanced resource to help you balance your work, family and personal responsibilities during this time. These enhanced resources are available to all employees and include:

  • Access to a premium database of sitters, educational caregivers and other in-home care services through Sittercity (waived membership fee for Exelon employees -$150 value)
  • Discounted pricing on College Nannies -- a local, high-touch service for finding trained, screened nannies ($300 value – note placement pricing fees may vary by geographic regions)
  • Exclusive discounts (up to 20 percent off) on academic and tutoring support and exam prep through award-winning learning platforms, such as MarcoPolo, Varsity Tutors and Revolution Prep.

Please keep in mind that employees are responsible for the cost of the services provided and any additional associated fees.

To learn more about these resources, do visit the new site at and choose Enhanced Family Supports (no password needed) or register for an upcoming informational webinar. You also can check out this Q&A.

As previously communicated, do make note that the Bright Horizons COVID-19 Crisis Care program and the 60-day per employee enhanced benefit will only be available through Aug. 31. The pre-pandemic Bright Horizons back-up care benefit and eligibility will resume on Sept. 1, and the Crisis Care reimbursement program will no longer be available. You can find more details about your back-up care bank and other important information on myExelon.

Innovation Expo Winds Down: Winners Announced

Did you miss the awards ceremony and want to know what great ideas won awards in this year’s Innovation Expo? Don’t worry – you can watch the Fast Pitch contest and awards presentations or read about the winners on myExelon.

The Expo portal is now closed, but don’t forget to access all of the panels and presentations on the Reinvent site.

Be Sure You’re Seeing the Latest COVID News

If you’ve visited the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center recently and wondered why there aren’t any updates (the latest is from August 13), you may need to clear your web browser cache. It’s easy – when you’re working on your desktop or laptop, just open the site ( from your browser and then hit Ctrl and F5 at the same time. That will clear the web browser cache for that site, so you can be sure you’re seeing the very latest news and information regarding the pandemic.

If Ctrl + F5 doesn’t work for you, try Ctrl + Function + F5; some browsers use different key combinations.
If you are following our information from a mobile device, open the site and try refreshing the mobile browser to see the new content.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to clear the mobile web browser cache. How you clear the cache depends on the mobile device and browser app you are using. Generally, this can be found through the settings within the browser app or within the overall mobile device settings.

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The Power of Women, Innovation, Hope and Suspicion

By BSC Communications on 8/21/20 1:08 PM

Today we’re featuring some interesting opportunities: learn career advice from talented executive women; hear Chris Crane talk with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella (in case you missed it); make a difference for others; and protect yourself and the company from cyber threats.

Women’s Equality Day Panel: Empowered Women

Women’s Equality Day celebrates the ratification on Aug. 26, 1920, of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gave women the right to vote. This year, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Amendment, the Network of Exelon Women (NEW) and HeforShe are hosting a special live stream event. Do tune in on Aug. 26 at 8 a.m. CT/9 a.m. ET by clicking here (at the time of the meeting). 

Hosted by Bridget Reidy, COO of Exelon BSC and executive sponsor of NEW, and sponsored by Dave Velazquez, president and CEO of PHI and HeforShe executive sponsor, the event includes a panel of talented women discussing their career development and how they broke through barriers to fill traditionally male-dominated roles across Exelon. The panelists include Bridget Reidy, Michelle Blaise (SVP Technical Services – ComEd), Brij Majano (Director IT – BSC), Becky Salvadore (Sr. Manager Training – Nuclear) and Amber Young (Director OCC – PHI). Don’t miss this exciting event!

Add to Calendar

Expo Ends—but Innovation Never Stops!

Thank you to the more than 6,800 employees who participated in the 2020 Innovation Expo: Powering a Resilient Future! The event would not be possible without employee innovators, so do help us congratulate and thank the more than 120 innovators who showcased their ideas this year! We appreciate their hard work and commitment to improving our company—and the world!

Do stay tuned for recaps of this year’s event and overviews of the Expo award winners. Additionally, we’ll be releasing content as it becomes available. For instance, if you missed yesterday’s wire-side chat between President & CEO Chris Crane and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadelladon’t despair! You can now watch their discussion here.

Don’t stop innovating just because the Expo is over! Keep the ideas coming and do input them into the Reinvent website throughout the year.

Do contact the Exelon Security Training Team if you would like a special session in the CISS Virtual Cyber Escape Room with your group as a future team building event.

Give the Gift of Hope

 The Exelon Foundation Employee Giving Campaign is well under way and thousands have already given generously to our local communities. Thank you for your support!

If you haven’t yet given, please don’t forget to pledge online with the most generous gift you can. 

Not sure which charity to support?  Do log into the Powering Communities site to choose from thousands of non-profits or contact your local campaign leader for ideas.

These are challenging times for everyone, but especially for those most in need. Now’s the time to help by pledging financial support for local communities recovering from the economic impact of the pandemic, as well as dealing with continuing inequities in our society.

By pledging to give through the campaign, you give hope to hundreds of thousands of people. With your gift, you say, “Help is on the way!”

Also, do help us thank Limerick Site Vice President Frank Sturniolo (@2BFrankS) for posting his #IAmGiving photo on Twitter. Want to see your picture in Dos & Don’ts? Pledge to support the Employee Giving Campaign and post your own #IAmGiving photo today! We’ll select a picture to feature once a week.

Protect Yourself Against Malicious Phish

While not all [EXTERNAL] emails are scams, do take extra time to stop, think and review the “From” information, links and content in an external email before clicking links or opening attachments. Do consider creating a rule in Outlook using this Job Aid to send all [EXTERNAL] emails to a separate folder as a reminder to take extra time reviewing them. 

Do ask yourself if you were expecting an email from an external sender. If the email was unexpected or seems suspicious, don’t click any links or open any attachments. When in doubt, don’t hesitate to click the Report Phishing Button.


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All things Expo; Updated International Travel Guidance; Enhanced HR Portal Security; Share Your #IAmGiving Photo; Boost Your Sharecare IQ; Don't Slip, Trip or Fall!

By BSC Communications on 8/13/20 1:22 PM


The Dos and Don'ts this week start with the event of the season: The Innovation Expo – Powering a Resilient Future. The event is in full swing!

Don't forget to register (using your Chrome browser), if you haven't already! Once registered, click here to browse more than 120 employee exhibits, and tune in to watch the play-by-play of the Reputational Pillar pitches, where our highest-rated employee pitches will face off!  Also, do sign up today for the Virtual Cyber Escape Room: a fun, team-based security adventure that offers an engaging gamified experience for everyone!

Additionally, don't forget to download your special Innovation Expo Teams background here (make sure you log into the Brand Hub before you access this link).

Updated International Travel Guidance

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has changed its guidance about international travel, no longer requiring quarantine upon return. As a result, the company will not be requiring quarantine for personal domestic or international travel (international business travel remains restricted, and only essential domestic business travel is allowed).

However, do keep in mind that some states still have restrictions on who can enter their jurisdiction from various COVID-19 hotspots. While essential workers generally are exempt, different requirements may apply for personal (vs. work) travel. Do be sure to check the rules for the state in which you live (for any quarantine upon return) or for states you might be visiting. We encourage you to avoid traveling to COVID-19 hotspots, whenever possible. As always, do contact OHS if you've had a confirmed test or exposure to someone who has or is suspected of having the virus while you were traveling. When planning personal international travel, do contact prior to your departure in order to verify remote access and device restrictions for your foreign travel destination(s).

Enhanced HR Portal Security

As cyberattacks continue to increase, it's more important than ever to safeguard access to your sensitive information. That's why beginning Aug. 26, the first time you access the HR Services Portal through the Exelon network using single sign-on or directly at, you will be required to create a password or reset your existing password to meet stricter length and complexity requirements. You also will be prompted to choose and answer security questions if you haven't already done so. Don't worry—this is a one-time requirement. Regular single sign-on access will resume after establishing your new password. Should you need to access the HR Services Portal outside the company network, your newly created password will be required.

Share Your #IAmGiving Photo

Are you excited to support your local community in this year's Employee Giving Campaign? If so, do take a selfie holding a sign with the hashtag #IAmGiving, post it to twitter and tag @Exelon. We'll feature the most creative pictures in an upcoming Dos & Don'ts.

Boost Your Sharecare IQ

The Wellness Team is excited to host live online forums to highlight our new Sharecare platform.

Don't delay! Space is limited for these live sessions (250 max participants per session). Do click here for more information and to see a listing of sessions, dates and times. For questions about these sessions, please email

Don't Slip, Trip or Fall!

The pandemic is scary, but other hazards haven't disappeared.  Each year, slips, trips and falls are the number one cause of injury in the workplace nationwide.

Working from home during COVID-19 doesn't mean you're in the clear (ever pay attention to your phone instead of where you're walking?). Do protect yourself from slips, trips and falls by following these precautions (at home, on the job site, or anywhere really!):

  • Wear safe footwear with proper traction
  • Never look at your phone while walking; stop and put your back to a wall to send a text, email, etc.
  • Have clearly defined walking paths
  • Clear walking paths of cords and clutter
  • Use three points of contact if you need to ascend/descend even just one step or on uneven surfaces
  • Do not try and carry more than you can handle; take multiple trips

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In-Person Volunteer Events Canceled; Conference Room Changes; Breathing in Masks and Get to the Expo!

By BSC Communications on 8/7/20 12:06 PM

Our Dos and Don’ts start with a bit of a bummer…because of a rise in COVID-19 cases in our jurisdictions, don’t plan on attending any in-person company volunteer events – they have been canceled. Do continue to make a positive difference in our communities by donating during the Employee Giving Campaign or joining a virtual volunteer event. You can find more information on the Powering Communities website.

Meeting Safely

If you’re planning an in-person meeting, do know that the capacity information for any meeting rooms listed in Outlook has been reduced anywhere from 30 percent to 50 percent to allow for six feet of physical distance between attendees. Don’t plan any in-person meetings larger than 10 people based on CDC guidance. (A limited number of pre-approved training sessions may include more than 10 people. HR and safety will be involved to ensure safe occupancy levels and COVID-19 PPE is used).

Chairs will be removed in larger meeting rooms, while some chairs in smaller rooms will be marked with an X to keep people apart. For your safety and the safety of your colleagues, do follow the capacity limitations. Also, do remember that masks are required at all times (even when social distancing) in conference rooms.

Mask Facts

A few employees have asked whether wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 might result in unsafe oxygen or carbon dioxide levels. OSHA has recently added an FAQ to its website to clear up any misinformation on this topic.

The full text can be found here.

In summary, OSHA states that medical masks, including surgical masks, don’t compromise oxygen levels or cause carbon dioxide buildup in work settings. They are designed to be breathed through and do protect you against respiratory droplets, which are typically much larger than tiny carbon dioxide particles you breathe out. Most carbon dioxide particles will either go through the mask or escape along the mask's loose-fitting perimeter.

Do remember that you can take a break from the mask, but only when you are working alone and at least six feet away from others.

“Must See” Innovation Expo Events

The virtual Innovation Expo is shaping up to be quite an event! You don’t want to miss the panel discussion, “Rising to Resilience: Our Customers, Our Workforce, Our Future” on Aug. 13 at 9:15 a.m. CT. The panel will feature moderator Rob Wolcott, professor of innovation at Northwestern University and University of Chicago, and managing partner at Clareo, talking with Willis Towers Watson Managing Director Ravin Jesuthasan and BGE Vice President of Human Resources Jennifer Herwig.

Do check out the virtual exhibits, open Aug. 13 – 18, and don’t forget to vote for the Fast Pitch contest by Aug. 18 at 12 p.m. CT.

Do make sure to mark your calendars for closing day on Aug. 19 from 8:30 a.m. CT to 12 p.m. CT when you’ll hear from a number of executives, including President & CEO Exelon Generation Ken Cornew and CEO Exelon Utilities Calvin Butler. At 9 a.m. CT Exelon President & CEO Chris Crane will speak briefly before engaging Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in a “wireside chat.”

Do check out the rest of the Innovation Expo Agenda and register to attend Aug. 13 – 19. Don’t forget – you need to use Chrome to access the registration page.

Supercharge Your Development

New to LinkedIn Learning? Do check out this video, which tells you all about it. With new courses published every week, there are plenty of skills you can develop using LinkedIn Learning’s business, creative and technology libraries.

Too busy to sit for a class? No wifi at the pool? Do feel free to download LinkedIn Learning courses so you can watch or listen to them anywhere, like on a nature walk.

Don’t forget to review our other virtual development courses on the Employee Resources Development page.

Rest assured that Exelon is doing all we can to keep you and families, as well as our customers and communities, healthy and well during this difficult time. We encourage you to check the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center frequently for more important information and updates.

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Message from Bridget Reidy: Responsible Re-entry Phase 1 Postponed Until 2021

By BSC Communications on 8/4/20 12:00 PM

Dear Colleagues,

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International Travel, Teams Tips and AGS Aid

By BSC Communications on 7/31/20 10:49 AM

We start this week’s Dos and Don’ts with travel information: Things have really been “up in the air” for many of us as we wait to see what new challenges the fall may hold.  Do be sure to take vacation or even a “staycation."  It’s important to relax and recharge! 

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Back-up Child- and Elder-care Benefits; CDC Modifies Guidelines; Review Security Access and More

By BSC Communications on 7/24/20 1:38 PM

Dos and Don'ts for this week start with a reminder.

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Responsible Re-Entry Update: Your Questions Answered

By BSC Communications on 7/21/20 1:32 PM

While we might not be able to answer all your questions yet, we’ve gathered some of the most common ones and answered them below. In all cases, the safety of our employees and customers is our top priority. As a reminder, you can find information about the three phases here.

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The Innovation Expo Goes Virtual; Protecting Your Personal Information; Protecting Yourself Against Credential Harvesting

By BSC Communications on 7/16/20 2:40 PM

The Innovation Expo Goes Virtual!

Don’t miss the 2020 Innovation Expo: Powering a Resilient Future, coming to you virtually Aug. 13 – 19.  You can find the registration details here!

Protecting Your Personal Information

With many people out of work due to the coronavirus, cyber attackers are taking advantage of an unfortunate situation. The latest scams include bad actors filing fraudulent unemployment claims while others are pretending to be job recruiters so they can obtain personal information from potential candidates. Some scammers are even trying to impersonate Exelon recruiters and hiring managers, using information found online.

Stay safe…

  • Don’t post confidential information, including your home address, personal email, birth date or social security number, on social media.
  • Do use a unique and strong password with numbers, words, special characters, and upper and lowercase letters for each social media account.
  • Do use multi-factor authentication when offered.
  • Do be cautious when engaging with social media connections and companies online, and always verify accounts before sharing any information. When in doubt, don’t engage in conversation, and report and block suspicious accounts.

Protecting Yourself Against Credential Harvesting

Cyber attackers frequently use phishing emails to try to steal your network credentials. These emails appeal to your emotions with urgent subject lines like account access suspended or undeliverable emails.

Protect your credentials – they are your identity...

  • Do hover over a URL before clicking and watch out for misspellings that closely imitate commonly used sites (example:
  • Don’t click on links in unfamiliar emails. Clicking a link can introduce malware on your computer, even before entering your username or password.
  • Do check that the URL is legitimate and look out for old logos, stretched or fuzzy images or off-brand colors.
  • Don’t enter login credentials or other sensitive information on an unverified or unsecure website (http:// is not secured, https:// is secured). 

Rest assured that Exelon is doing all we can to keep you and families, as well as our customers and communities, healthy and well during this difficult time. We encourage you to check the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center frequently for more important information and updates.

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As COVID Numbers in Our Company Climb; Rededication to Safety is Key

By BSC Communications on 7/15/20 11:53 AM

If you haven’t gotten COVID-19 yet, you’ve either been very careful or you’re fortunate. Because the pandemic has gone on for several months now, you might even have a false sense of security. Combine feeling more relaxed about the virus with being tired of having to wear masks, stay away from others and avoid crowds, and it’s the perfect recipe for brewing up more cases of coronavirus.

In fact, over the last four weeks, the number of employees at Exelon – both location-based and remote-enabled -- who’ve contracted the virus is up 288 percent, from eight to 23 per week, and because employees are less worried and are relaxing their safety efforts, quarantine numbers have jumped 246 percent, from 68 to 167. While our facilities remain safe and our overall numbers are low, many of the new required quarantines are arising directly from people being too close together, sharing food (even doughnuts can be dangerous!) and not being diligent about wearing masks or washing hands. It’s an alarming trend – reversing it is up to you. If you’ve let your guard down – whether at a company location, working remotely or going about your life -- when it comes to COVID-19 safety measures, renew your focus, re-energize your efforts and remember: we’re not out of the woods yet. The safety measures established at the beginning of the pandemic are more important than ever.

Yes, we’re all sick of the pandemic. But let’s make sure that frustration doesn’t result in more of us, our colleagues, family members or friends actually getting sick with this dangerous illness.

Rest assured that Exelon is doing all we can to keep you and families, as well as our customers and communities, healthy and well during this difficult time. We encourage you to check the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center frequently for more important information and updates.

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Stay Diligent and Avoid Hotspots; It's Good to be the Cleanest; Take Charge of Your Professional Growth

By BSC Communications on 7/10/20 12:49 PM

We may be tired of the Coronavirus, but it isn’t tired of us. So don’t let down your guard! Several states across the country are experiencing significant spikes in new cases and hospitalizations of patients with COVID-19, reminding us that we do need to continue to be diligent – social distancing while at work and outside our homes, wearing masks while in public places and washing our hands well and often. A number of states – including New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, as well as the cities of Chicago and Philadelphia, are now advising or requiring individuals who travel from COVID-19 hotspots to quarantine upon return.

As essential workers, Exelon employees are exempt from these travel restrictions.
However, non-remote employees traveling to or returning to New York or Chicago from one of the “hotspot” states will need to notify OHS to comply with local requirements. We also strongly advise that you do limit your contact with people outside of your households, avoid non-essential travel and follow all CDC recommendations to prevent contracting the virus. If you have questions about the travel restrictions in your location, please check your state or city website. For information and more tips to stay safe during the pandemic, check out the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center.

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With More COVID-19 Tests Available, Exelon has a New Tool to Help Keep Employees Safe and on the Job

By BSC Communications on 7/9/20 9:23 AM

Since the pandemic began, Exelon has been working to get reliable COVID-19 tests for our employees, but tests were scarce and mainly prioritized for healthcare workers. Fortunately, while supplies remain somewhat limited, we now have enough tests to establish a company-wide testing protocol for non-remote-enabled employees.

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Fundraise Responsibly, Take Charge of Your Development

By BSC Communications on 7/1/20 2:25 PM

Today’s Dos and Don’ts start with encouragement and a watch out. Do continue your efforts to raise money to help others, but do it in a way that is responsible and adheres to applicable laws.

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Responsible Re-Entry Update: Plans Continue to Take Shape

By BSC Communications on 6/24/20 1:25 PM

The Exelon Responsible Re-Entry Task Force has been hard at work creating a plan and protocols designed to keep all employees safe – whether remote or at work locations – as we prepare for a return to the workplace.

The Task Force’s principles begin with the two most important:
  • Employee safety, public safety and customer service are our highest priorities
  • All employees should be confident in their safe return to work

The principles, informed by science; federal, state and local guidelines; as well as feedback from the Responsible Re-entry survey, are driving the Task Force’s three-phased approach. The move to each phase primarily will be driven by business need and the ability to keep employees safe.

Phase 1: Early Re-entry

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Chock Full of Helpful and Valuable Information

By BSC Communications on 6/24/20 11:27 AM

Today’s Dos and Don’ts – Chock Full of Helpful and Valuable Information

Check out today’s Dos and Don’ts for important information ranging from dealing with the media and testing during quarantine to another crisis care extension, benefits change opportunities and even goats!

Handle the Press with Care

Do you know what to do if a member of the news media reaches out to you via phone, email or social media? Don’t ever talk to reporters off the cuff. Do always contact your Corporate Communications or your operating company communications team. How the media covers Exelon and our family of companies can have significant implications for our business, impacting our reputation, our stock price and our relationships with policymakers, customers and the community. Communications has trained specialists with expertise in how and when to engage with the press. So make sure you leave dealing with the media to the professionals.

Quarantined? Get Tested.

Do be aware that COVID-19 testing now is widely available, and Exelon is planning to use diagnostic testing to help determine the need for and duration of quarantine time based on your symptoms or exposure to someone who has a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. You may decide not to be tested. However, your eligibility to be paid during quarantine will be conditioned on getting tested and providing any documentation required by OHS. OHS will provide you with all of the necessary testing details.

Crisis Care Ends Aug. 31

Do be aware that the COVID-19 Crisis Care benefit from Bright Horizons (the option to request a $100/day reimbursement for in-home childcare that an employee identifies and uses through their own network) has been extended through Aug. 31 and will end at that time. The benefit also will remain at the 60 days per employee enhanced benefit due to the pandemic through Aug. 31. The COVID-19 Crisis Care benefit is not eligible to reimburse a spouse or other member of your household. Bright Horizons is intended as temporary back-up care only. Once your regular daycare facility/provider or regular summer place of care becomes available, you no longer are eligible for any Bright Horizons benefit. Pre-pandemic benefits will be reinstated Sept. 1.

Temporary Mid-Year Benefits Changes, Extended Deadlines

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, don’t overlook that the U.S. government recently issued guidance extending certain benefit plan deadlines and allowing plan sponsors to make changes to their health care and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans in 2020. This may provide you an opportunity to make changes to certain plan elections before the next open enrollment period. These temporary changes are intended to address unanticipated situations that participants may be experiencing as result of the pandemic. For more details, visit the Benefit Updates Amid COVID-19 scrolling tile on Please call Exelon HR Services at 1-877-7EXELON (1-877-739-3566) with any questions.

Get Your Wellness Going

Do remember to sign up with our new wellness vendor Sharecare. To set up your Exelon Sharecare account, go to and click the Wellness Program tile or visit Once you've created your account, download the Sharecare App on your mobile device. If you've completed a biometric screening in the past, your most recent results will automatically populate the RealAge Test within 12 to 24 hours of your registration to enhance your experience. Don’t forget you are eligible to purchase a discounted Fitbit and receive an extra $40 Exelon subsidy through your Sharecare account, if you didn’t take advantage of the discount last year.

And to Brighten Your Day…Meet the Latest ComEd Goaterns!

Even in the midst of a pandemic, ComEd’s goats are hungry for more! You herd right. The goats are baaaaaack! More than 200 hungry and ambitious goats are returning to ComEd for a second summer to manage vegetation under power lines in Pekin, Ill. Check out their baaaackgrounds and their first Facebook video!

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Let the Volunteering Begin; Teams is Coming -- Skype is Retiring; Catching Coronavirus Phish

By BSC Communications on 6/17/20 8:49 AM

Today’s Dos and Don’ts: Let the Volunteering Begin; Teams is Coming -- Skype is Retiring; Catching Coronavirus Phish

We begin today’s Dos and Don’ts with the good news that volunteer events can start to resume. Beginning immediately, do participate when you can in company volunteer events, which will be permitted with these guidelines:

  • The event can have no more than 10 volunteers.  If the state in which the event is held has issued guidelines that dictate fewer than 10 people are allowed at gatherings, that must be followed.  This total includes all people at the event, both Exelon volunteers and those not from the company.  Event managers will need to contact the nonprofit to ensure this guideline is feasible and will be followed.
  • Don’t forget that masks and PPE must be worn at all times.
  • Other guidelines set forth by Exelon and the state in which the event is held, including social distancing, must be followed.

Click here for more information.

The Future is Teams

We are all connecting through virtual tools more than ever before. Do be aware that Teams is replacing Skype for Business, which is being retired by Microsoft. Teams will change the way we work by giving us a centralized hub for better collaboration, communication and transparency. IT is rolling out Teams in waves by business unit over the next two months.

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Last Chance to Enter Your Brilliant Ideas; Beware of New Phishing Scams; .Docs Quarantined

By BSC Communications on 5/20/20 12:02 PM

Do keep your ideas coming as the Innovation Expo 2020 Employee Ideas Contest continues -- the deadline has been extended until this Friday, May 22. Your colleagues have submitted more than 600 ideas -- don’t miss your chance to get yours in! To enter, visit the Reinvent site and enter your idea in your OpCo’s Innovation Expo Employee Ideas campaign.

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Ongoing Travel Restrictions; Annual Training Availability

By BSC Communications on 5/14/20 11:40 AM

As some states loosen COVID-19 business restrictions, you may be wondering if Exelon travel policies have changed. Exelon follows CDC guidelines (and applicable state or local orders) for business travel. Here’s an update:

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Extending Remote Work; Planning for Responsible Re-entry; and Vacation Time

By BSC Communications on 5/11/20 2:37 PM

As some states take initial steps to reopen their economies, we want to share with you the latest on Exelon’s plans to bring remote-enabled employees back to company locations and any impact the changing circumstances will have on employees who already report to work locations every day.

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Feeling Stressed? Phished? Today’s Dos and Don’ts Are Here to Help!

By BSC Communications on 5/11/20 2:27 PM

We all can agree that the new realities of the pandemic can increase your stress levels. If you’ve been feeling more uptight than usual lately, you’re not alone!

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ComEd Files for Delivery Rate Decrease, Announces Further Customer Support

By ComEd Communications on 4/26/20 4:15 PM

Extends COVID-19 suspension of service disconnects, waiving of new late charges through June 1

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Supporting You During the Pandemic and Every Day

By BSC Communications on 4/24/20 1:21 PM

Bridget Reidy, EVP and Chief Operations Officer, Exelon BSC, shares how the Operations teams – Information Technology, Security, Supply, Transportation and Real Estate & Facilities – are working around the clock to support you and our company. From sourcing hard-to-find PPE and setting up critical remote-work capabilities to cyber security and sanitization, the Operations teams are helping to ensure you’re safe and supported no matter where you work.

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Guidelines for the Use of Masks and Other Protective Equipment

By BSC Communications on 4/20/20 10:53 AM


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Remote Work to Continue Through End of May; New Support for You and Our Customers

By BSC Communications on 4/16/20 3:10 PM


Throughout this pandemic, I have been encouraged and inspired by the commitment and resiliency of our employees. Thank you for all you are doing to keep yourselves and others safe and healthy. Here are some ways that we are working to support you and your families.

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Keeping You Informed On COVID-19 Cases within the Exelon Family

By BSC Communications on 4/3/20 10:00 AM

Thank you for everything you’re doing to support your colleagues, customers and communities as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. We wish all our colleagues who are ill a safe recovery.​

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New Resource for Exelon COVID-19 Data, Don’t Use Zoom, Idea Contest Extension and More

By BSC Communications on 4/3/20 9:00 AM

Today’s Do’s and Don’ts message starts with an important new information source designed to increase open, transparent communication around COVID-19 cases at Exelon.

Do take a look at a new page in SharePoint online providing information on COVID-19 cases at Exelon, including by operating company. This page also includes a rolling list of Exelon facilities where an employee or contractor with COVID-19 was on site in the last 14 days. This new page is accessible via Exelon network-enabled mobile devices and laptops. However, while it is included as a link on our Coronavirus Information Center, it isn’t posted there to better protect the privacy of the data. Remember we have a protocol in place to alert any employees who may have had close contact with affected individuals. We are all thinking about our affected colleagues and wishing them a quick recovery.

Old Masks are Good Masks (for Personal Use)

You may have seen recently the CDC is considering whether to recommend use of masks (surgical/N95 type) for use by the public. If you still have your circa-2009 Exelon-provided pandemic kit and one or more masks are in good condition, do feel free to use them for personal use. Good condition has been defined by CDC in this FAQ. A helpful resource to assist you with the safe donning and doffing of N95 masks has been provided by the CDC (CDC Mask Video).

Connecting Through Videoconferencing

Do use Skype for Business to organize and run Exelon virtual meetings to help us protect confidential and proprietary company information. Many of you have asked about collaboration tools used by our partners, such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, WebEx, etc. While it’s ok for you to join these sessions when hosted by external groups, don’t use these other collaboration tools to organize Exelon virtual conferences. Click here for more information.

Don't be Fooled

Do be aware of new, very real phishing attacks. You may get an email playing on COVID-19 fears about topics such as:

Masks Available!
Make Sure Your Insurance Covers COVID-19!
Get Your Government Check Faster!

Of course, they all will include a link you need to click or an attachment to open. Don't do it. Do send them to CISS with the "Report Phishing" button.

Keep Innovating, Even in Challenging Times

Have a safety idea for working through the COVID-19 pandemic? Do submit it to a new campaign on Reinvent.

Also, do be aware that the deadline for the Innovation Expo 2020 display contest has been extended by five weeks until May 15. Your colleagues already have submitted more than 60 ideas, so now you have some extra time to get yours in. To enter, visit the Reinvent site and enter your idea on your company’s Innovation Expo Employee Ideas Campaign.

Please rest assured that Exelon is doing all we can to keep you and your families, as well as our customers and communities, healthy and well during this difficult time. We encourage you to check the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center frequently for more important information and updates.

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#PoweringThruTogether: Combat Coronavirus Phishing Attacks

By BSC Communications on 3/31/20 7:00 AM

Corporate and Information Security Services (CISS) invites you to test your knowledge and awareness with an interactive game to ensure that you are prepared to combat the recent surge of Coronavirus themed phishing attacks.

5 min read

Crisis Care Benefits Extended, Busting COVID-19 Myths, Tell Alexa to Stop and More

By BSC Communications on 3/30/20 1:00 PM

First up in today’s Dos and Don’ts message – Do focus on your wellness. These are extraordinary circumstances, and the work you are doing is critical to helping each other and our communities get through these trying times. If you’re feeling extra stressed, do check out our resources in the Exelon Coronavirus Information Center to support your mental, financial and physical wellness.

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Tips for Printing at Home and Avoiding Phishing Traps

By BSC Communications on 3/30/20 7:00 AM

During this difficult time, where many are working from home, we are doing everything we can to support our employees in this transition. Our priorities remain the same -- for you to work as safely and efficiently as possible. Cyber-attacks have risen substantially since the onset of COVID-19 and threat actors are being more aggressive with their tactics. As employees of Exelon, we must all do our part to ensure we protect company data -- no matter where we work.

With that in mind, we would like to tell you some of the things we are doing to guarantee we are #PoweringThruTogether:

  1. Updated External Email Banners: Corporate & Information Security Services (CISS) continues to focus on raising awareness and providing employees more tools to help reduce the threat of phishing attacks. In response to your feedback, we’ve collaborated with IT to automatically add labels to the body of all messages that originate from external sources, using a high visibility banner.

    Effective April 2, most external emails will now be marked with the following banner at the beginning of the message body. The banner is an alert that a message is originating outside of the Exelon network. This does not indicate that the message is malicious, rather, it cautions you to carefully review the email before clicking a link or opening any attachments.

    EXTERNAL EMAIL – Do not click links or open attachments from unknown senders or unexpected Email

    We know that our employees work with multiple external partners (BeeLine, Concur, Yammer, etc.) who have legitimate reasons to send regular messages to Exelon employees. These enterprise partner emails will be marked with the following banner at the beginning of the message body.

    External Email – This originated from an Exelon enterprise-wide business partner. Use appropriate caution if the Email appears unusual

    This banner should help you recognize these legitimate external messages. At the same time, although we regularly assess the security controls for our enterprise partners, we still rely on Exelon employees and contractors to stop, think and review anything unusual about these messages.

    Remember, when in doubt, click the Report Phishing button to send it to the SPAM Mailbox. Even with these additional efforts, phishing messages continue to be a top security risk and you should always be vigilant about a link or attachment sent from an external source.

  2. Cyber Security Poster: To help remind you to practice phishing awareness, we created a poster with key information. We encourage you to print and post this in your work location or home office using the steps outlined or save it as your background image on your device. Click here to view, save and download the poster.

  3. Printing at Home: To print at home, please follow the instructions in the center column of the Exelon Now homepage to properly connect your home printer to your Exelon device. While printing at home is allowed, it's your responsibility to ensure documents are securely stored and disposed of properly and to be mindful of confidentiality concerns. Please don't forward documents to a personal email or device. Home printing is only available when using Citrix or when disconnected from the Exelon network/VPN. 
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Exelon, ComEd Donate $2 Million to Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund

By ComEd Communications on 3/27/20 11:03 AM

The Exelon Foundation, along with ComEd and Exelon Generation, today announced a $2 million donation to the Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund to help Illinois residents impacted by the pandemic. This donation adds to the more than $1.15 million Exelon Corp. and its family of companies previously donated to national and local relief organizations in the communities they serve. Previous donations include $250,000 to the United Way of Metro Chicago and the Chicago Community Trust’s COVID-19 Response Fund to support their efforts to provide essential services during the pandemic.

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Residential Customers Who Are Without Power Encouraged to Contact ComEd to Have Service Restored

By ComEd Communications on 3/23/20 5:01 PM

CHICAGO (March 23, 2020) – As the state of Illinois works to comply with Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s COVID-19 stay-at-home order, ComEd is taking additional steps to help ensure all its residential customers across northern Illinois have access to electric service during this critical time. To support all people, including school children, who are now at home during the day, ComEd will work with residents whose service was disconnected prior to the company’s March 13 suspension of service disconnections to have service restored and help ensure access to safe and healthy environments.

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Sharing our Protocol for Confirmed Cases of COVID-19 at Exelon

By BSC Communications on 3/21/20 2:32 PM


I want to let you know that we now have at least one confirmed case of COVID-19 among our employees. I know we all will be thinking about our colleague and wishing them a quick recovery. This news is not unexpected, and we will have more in the future given the rapid spread of the virus in the states where we operate.

I cannot emphasize enough how imperative it is to stay home if you feel ill – if you come to work sick, you put your colleagues and anyone you come into contact with at risk, as well as contributing to the spread of the virus. In addition, it is very important that you call the Exelon Absence Management System at 1-877-7EXELON (1-877-739-3566) and contact your supervisor to report an illness-related absence.

I understand that knowing we have a confirmed case within Exelon may cause you some concern. Please be assured that the health and safety of our employees and contractors, and limiting the spread of the virus, are our utmost priorities, and we have strict protocols in place to address each case as it occurs.

First and foremost, you should know that any individual who has come in close contact with the affected person already has been contacted by OHS, according to our established protocol, and is working with OHS on next steps. Their leaders also are aware of the situation, and everyone at the affected location will receive an email notification.

We will continue to follow this protocol as new cases are confirmed – those who need to know because they came into close contact with affected individuals will be notified immediately. If you haven’t been notified, it means our investigation did not indicate you were in close contact with the affected individual. In any event, if your reporting location has a confirmed case, you will receive an email notification for awareness.

Cleaning services also have been increased to include disinfecting and thorough cleaning of common areas in each of our buildings. In addition, we are performing an additional deep cleaning of all areas that have potentially been exposed.

We are committed to communicating with you as frequently and transparently as possible as the situation evolves, while protecting the privacy of affected employees and contractors.

No doubt, this is a difficult time. Thank you for not coming to work if you feel sick. And thank you for everything you’re doing for your colleagues and customers — we will get through this together.

Stay well,


If you are having difficulty managing your stress or anxiety during these difficult times, Optum Live and Work Well is there for you. Confidential counseling services are available to you 24/7 at (access code: Exelon) or 1-866-872-1666. There’s no cost to call and Exelon pays for up to six sessions. Use of the benefit is confidential.

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A Message from Joe Dominguez- Stay-at-Home

By ComEd Communications on 3/20/20 11:00 AM

Colleagues, This afternoon Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced that he is issuing a stay-at-home order for the entire state, effective at 5 p.m. on Saturday and continuing until April 7 in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. This order requires all Illinois residents not providing essential services to stay at home as much as possible. Exceptions include going to the grocery store, visiting medical professionals and picking up medicine.

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Helping Customers and Communities in Need

By ComEd Communications on 3/13/20 11:07 AM

Today we announced that we are taking extra steps to take care of our customers affected by the health and economic impacts of COVID-19. Effective immediately, ComEd will impose a moratorium on disconnects for customers unable to pay their bills until at least May 1. This assistance further strengthens the important work we’re already doing to work with customers on a case-by-case basis to establish payment arrangements, identify energy assistance options and waive new late payment charges.

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ComEd Taking Steps to Support Customers

By ComEd Communications on 3/13/20 11:05 AM

In coordination with work being led by Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle to protect Illinoisans, ComEd is taking action to help its customers with payment assistance programs and by imposing a moratorium on service disconnections and waiving new late payment charges through at least May 1, as many businesses and institutions are following guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by taking temporary measures to shut down or limit operations to control the spread of COVID-19.

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