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July 15, 2021

In this week’s Dos and Don’ts, we reveal where $2.7 billion was invested in 2020, highlight the new Racial Equity pages on Exelon’s website, share how you can get healthier with a free coach, update you on new access restrictions at Generation facilities and teach you how to protect Exelon information by limiting access rights.

$2.7 Billion Well Spent 

Did you know we spent $2.7 billion with diversity-certified suppliers last year? That’s a 41 percent increase in spend with diversity-certified suppliers since 2016. Do check out the Exelon Diverse Business Empowerment (EDBE) Report for compelling stories on some of our diverse suppliers, like that of ExecuPOWER founders Maria Larson and Andrea Turley or that of Mike Diaz, an entrepreneur and CEO of start-up Semper Utilities, which weathered the COVID storm with Exelon’s help. Don’t get so consumed by the stories that you forget to learn how we exceeded our 2020 goals and supported 19,000 jobs at a critical time for our country. Do look-up how your OpCo or functional area created access and opportunity for our diverse suppliers last year.

Speaking of DEI

Do check out the new Racial Equity pages on Exelon’s website,, which include our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion commitment, the focus areas the Racial Equity Task Force is working on, the DEI annual report and DEI-related news and announcements, such as this summer’s STEM Academies. By sharing this information publicly, we are showing our customers, communities and potential employees that Exelon’s commitment to racial equity is designed to make a real difference.

Need Help to Get Healthier? 

Sometimes half the battle is knowing where to start. If you are looking for more personalized support to discover what a vision of health and wellbeing can look like for you -- Sharecare health coaches to the rescue! Do learn ways to identify your personal barriers and work with a Sharecare health coach to design an action plan that works for you. Sharecare health coaching can provide support in areas of nutrition, weight management, mental strength, disease prevention/management and more. To learn more, do call Sharecare at 1-877-440-2181 or log in to Click on “Achieve” and “Programs.” Or, check out “How to Get the Most Out of Health Coaching.” Don’t hesitate to get started today!

(Please note that Sharecare health coaching is only available to employees enrolled in Exelon medical coverage.)

Visiting a Generation Location? Be Aware of New Access Restrictions

We recently upgraded badge card readers at specific Generation locations to further restrict access to export control information (ECI), as required by the Department of Energy (DOE).

If you’re visiting one of the below locations, do talk to the person you’re visiting to ensure you either have access to the rooms/areas in which you need to meet or that you’ll have an appropriate ECI-qualified escort during your visit.

  • Kennett Square 200 (Lobby areas on each floor are outside of the controlled ECIA)
  • Cantera (entire building)
  • Coatesville – PowerLabs, Emergency Operations Building
  • Smallwood Offices/Shops
  • Services and Training Center (STC)

For more information, do read this article.

Protect Access to Exelon Assets and Information  

Logical access rights provide Exelon personnel with necessary resources to perform their job duties. Don’t provide more access than what is necessary to perform current job responsibilities, so you don’t create additional entryways for threat actors. Excessive access rights also create non-compliance with industry regulations and management model security controls necessary to protect our company.

The Access Governance System (AGS) sends a review that must be completed by leaders every time a person transfers onto their team. Access reviews shouldn’t stop there; leaders should review access when there are changes in job duties. The assessment should also include non-AGS provided access, including resource mailboxes where confidential data could be shared.

Do revoke access when a direct report leaves Exelon or when job duties no longer warrant certain access. Do utilize the Voluntary Employee Separation Form in the HR Hub when an employee resigns. 

For contractors, contact your Beeline representative. For any urgent access removals, please call the ESOC at 1-800-550-6154. Contact Identity and Access Management Services (IAMS) with any questions.