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August 16, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

A few weeks ago, things were looking good for a September start to Phase 1 of our Responsible Re-entry for employees who’ve been working remotely for the past year and a half. Unfortunately, the Delta variant of COVID-19 had a different plan.

COVID infections are rising across our territories and the number of employee cases recently have started to climb due to Delta. In addition, the CDC has reinstituted the guidelines for wearing masks indoors (anywhere besides your home). Finally, the statistics we track to guide our re-entry decisions— including the number of cases among Exelon employees and the strain on local healthcare systems— have been trending in the wrong direction for more than a month.

Throughout this pandemic, the health and safety of all our employees — on-site and remote-enabled— has been our number one focus, along with the health and safety of our families and our communities. Because of this, we’ve decided to delay the start of Phase 1 of Responsible Re-entry and combine it with Phase 2, with a new start date no earlier than Nov. 1. As the situation evolves, we’ll reassess this timing in late September. Phase 3 will begin a minimum of eight weeks after the start of Phases 1 and 2.

Obviously, the nature of our business demands that many of you work on-site. Thank you to our more than 17,000 employees currently working on-site to keep our company running. Our many priorities will require that a limited number of additional employees begin reporting on-site for business reasons— no matter their original phase of Responsible Re-entry. Be assured that our buildings are safe for everyone who already is on-site and for those who will re-enter. If you haven’t been informed that you need to come in, but find you have a pressing business need to enter one of our facilities, please get your manager’s approval. 

Of course, everyone on-site must continue to follow all of the COVID safety protocols, including our revised mask policy for employees with an “It’s Time” sticker.

This ongoing uncertainty about the impact of the pandemic and re-entry is frustrating for all of us. Please know that our primary concern is for your health and safety, as well as the wellbeing of your families and all our customers and communities.

I’ll leave you with another reminder about how critical it is to get vaccinated for your own health and to end the pandemic for everyone. As always, I know our Exelon spirit will rally, and we’ll get through this together.