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Build Your Resilience!
Accumulated stresses can be damaging to your health. Staying connected to your friends and family, tending to your needs and looking toward the future can go a long way toward building resilience to stress and ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Do learn to build your resilience by joining the Sharecare Resilience Challenge in June. To complete the challenge successfully, track your daily stress levels for at least 15 days during the challenge period (June 1 – June 30). Monitoring your stress levels can help you pinpoint your problem areas and find resilience-building solutions. Do sign up through Sharecare at Don’t wait – learn more and enroll in this meaningful wellness opportunity today.

(Note: This challenge is available to all U.S.-based Exelon employees, excluding temporary employees and part-time employees scheduled to work fewer than 20 hours per week and employees represented by Locals 1238 and 1307.)

Working While Away – Rules of the Road
It’s important to relax and recharge, and it’s getting easier to do if you’re vaccinated! Do take a vacation or “staycation” this summer. However, if you plan to travel to an international location, don’t plan to perform work there.

If you plan to travel abroad, engage Exelon’s Travel Safely program before you leave to receive security briefings, best practices and location-based remote access and device restrictions. Additionally, we ask that you do the following:
  • Register for the Travel Safely Webinar on June 4, 2021, from 1 PM – 2 PM CT / 2 PM – 3 PM ET to learn more about what Exelon is doing to mitigate the risk of cyber and physical threats when you travel abroad.
  • Review the Foreign Travel Security Policy which includes a revised list of countries with restrictions and information about VPN access for countries that do not pose a high cyber-security risk.
    • In certain international locations, remote access of any kind is strictly prohibited due to heightened security concerns. For those locations, don’t travel with mobile devices equipped with Exelon applications, email and data or any corporate-issued electronic device.
  • Notify about any international trip, business or personal, where you will require access to the Exelon network with an electronic device.
  • Do report lost, stolen or confiscated electronic devices, or suspicious behavior or information while traveling internationally to the Exelon Security Operations Center at +1-800-550-6154 or +1-410-470-5800.

Cyber Attacks on Energy Infrastructure on the Rise
The number of successful cyber-criminal attacks has been increasing in scale and impact. The recent attack on Colonial Pipeline that disrupted pipelines carrying 45 percent of diesel, jet fuel and gasoline capacity for the East Coast, is just the latest example. Exelon has sophisticated anti-malware tools in place to detect and prevent similar attacks; however, cyber threats are constantly evolving, and you are our first line of defense. Just clicking on the wrong link in a phishing email can introduce a damaging virus into the Exelon network. Do always be on guard and report any suspicious emails to CISS with the “Report Phishing” button. Don’t click on any suspicious links or attachments!

Corporate & Information Security Services (CISS) recently held an engaging webinar to highlight the cyber and physical threat landscape. Do watch the recording to discover what Exelon is doing to mitigate the risk and what YOU can do to help keep Exelon secure.

Customize Connect
Connect DashboardDo take a few minutes to learn how you can customize your Connect Dashboard. Want a different image? Upload it. Want a specific greeting? Change it. Do explore all the potential updates, including changing the orange links under your greeting and customizing your “Bookmarks” and “Tools & Apps.” Do check out all the ways you can make Connect work for you by visiting the Connect How-To page. Do get more done —faster — with your customized Exelon Connect.

Reminder: New Vendor Requirements Take Effect This Week
Do know that our new and existing vendors must comply with Exelon’s enhanced due- diligence policies, procedures and practices to determine whether any affiliations exist between vendors and public officials. Starting May 21, both existing and new vendors must have completed a Vendor Affiliation Questionnaire (VAQ) to be awarded new business with Exelon.

This VAQ requirement is integrated into the enhanced Vendor Maintenance Form, which is used to add/update/remove vendors. Ensure the vendors you work with meet the new requirements. Do visit the Vendor Compliance Resource page to learn more about the policy changes, upcoming vendor compliance deadlines and additional informational resources.


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