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In this week’s Dos & Don’ts we remind you about the annual ethics and security qualifications training, showcase John Boyd’s Hinge Health story and share how to access a better fitness program, host a Teams meeting for 1,000 people and customize your desktop.

Ethics and Security Training – Annual Qualifications
Our Annual Ethics training is an opportunity to renew our commitment to our company values, our customers, our communities and each other. Beginning in 2021, mandatory Ethics and Security Trainings are now tracked as an annual qualification, due on a four-quarter cycle. For example, if you completed the training on May 25, 2020, your due date this year is June 30, 2021.

This means your training deadline may be approaching. The rolling deadline applies to the following training modules:

  • Exelon Code of Business Conduct Annual Training
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment Annual Training
  • Exelon Security Training
  • Exelon Phishing Awareness Campaign

Do take note of your annual qualification training deadline today! Do log-into LMS and review your “To Do” list. Don’t let your annual qualification training go overdue. Do take advantage of the flexible schedule to complete your training now.

Teams Meetings Now for 1,000 People
Exelon is now able to host Microsoft Teams meetings for up to 1,000 participants (vs. previous cap of 300). Don’t worry if you have more than 1,000 people interested in attending the meeting. Anyone over the 1,000-attendee cap will join in listen-only mode. Do note that anyone over the 1,000-person cap will need to be admitted via the “lobby” though.

Customization is in the Cards!
On your Exelon Connect homepage, there are three featured boxes: Outlook Calendar, Stock and Recent OneDrive Documents. Known as “cards,” these boxes live under your greeting and five orange bubbles, which are called “quick links.” Do take a minute to customize your cards to put them in your preferred order or replace a card with the weather forecast. Don’t forget you can also customize the greeting, quick links and background image on your Connect dashboard.

Travelling for a refueling outage and want site news? Interested in the news at your former OpCo? Looking for an easy way to follow your favorite employee resource group (ERG)? Look no further! Do customize your dashboard by subscribing to additional newsfeeds. Do take a minute to select the locations, topics, OpCos or Employee Resources Groups (ERGs) you want to follow.

Exelon’s John Boyd Shares his Hinge Health experience
For John Boyd, a principal project manager, chronic pain was an everyday occurrence – until he enrolled in Exelon’s Hinge Health program, which helped to improve his mobility, eliminate his need for chiropractic care and lowered his blood pressure. Do watch John’s incredible story on reclaiming his life with help from Hinge Health.

In 2020, more than 800 Exelon employees and their eligible dependents tried Hinge Health to help with back, knee, hip, shoulder and neck pain. They managed to cut their pain levels by over 50 percent and improved their strength.

If you are currently suffering from chronic pain, don’t wait any longer. Do visit or call 1-855-902-2777 to learn more. Please note Hinge Health is available at no cost to employees and dependents (18 and over) enrolled in Exelon medical coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois.

Ready to make your fitness program work for you?
During the month of June, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) is waiving the enrollment fee for members who enroll in the Fitness Program. Enrollment offers a lot of great perks, including access to a nationwide network of fitness locations and discounts on massage therapists, personal trainers and nutrition counselors.

To enroll, do log in to, search for Fitness Program under Quick Links and enter JUNESTART. For more details and program features, do check out this flyer or call 1-888-762-BLUE (2583).

(Note: This promotion is only available to members who are enrolled Exelon medical coverage through BCBSIL. For those who are not enrolled in a BCBSIL medical plan, do explore your medical carrier’s website for perks and discounts to support your health.)

Don’t Forget to Build Your Resilience in June
Becoming more resilient takes time and practice. Exelon is here to help. Do join the Resilience Challenge through Sharecare today! To complete this challenge successfully, do track your daily stress levels for at least 15 days during the challenge period (June 1 – June 30). You can find more information and register at

This message and any attachments or links are intended for use by Exelon employees and authorized contractors only. Copying, sharing or forwarding confidential information to outside parties is a violation of Exelon’s Code of Business Conduct and the Corporate Acceptable Use Policy, and is strictly prohibited. Before sharing any confidential company information externally, please consult your supervisor or contact Exelon’s Ethics Office at