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6 min read

Dos and Don'ts: New Racial Equity Pages, Access Restrictions, Health Coaches and $2.7 Billion Investment

July 15, 2021

In this week’s Dos and Don’ts, we reveal where $2.7 billion was invested in 2020, highlight the new...

3 min read

Chris Crane: It’s Time to Set a Date for Responsible Re-entry

July 14, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our focus has been on your safety and the safety of...

5 min read

Complete Annual Training, Get Healthier, Customize Connect and More

In this week’s Dos & Don’ts we remind you about the annual ethics and security qualifications training, showcase John...

5 min read

Self Care; Taking Care while Online and Outside the Country and More!

Build Your Resilience! Accumulated stresses can be damaging to your health. Staying connected to your friends and...
6 min read

Making a Difference at Home and Abroad; Taking Care of Yourself and More

In this week’s Dos & Don’ts, we’re sharing a powerful video about giving back and information on how to help people in...
3 min read

Vaccine “Whys”; Rating Teams Calls; Vendor Compliance; and Knowing Your Numbers

In this week’s Dos & Don’ts, we learn from some of our colleagues why they felt it was important to get vaccinated,...
3 min read

Vaccine Conversations and Reporting, New CDC Mask Guidance, a New Yammer and Let Bolt Help!

In this week’s Dos and Don’ts, we share some guidance about talking with colleagues about vaccinations, share some...
5 min read

Vaccine Time and Recording; It’s Earth Day and More

In this week’s Dos and Don’ts, we have a couple of reminders about time available to get vaccinated and disclosing...
6 min read

Calvin Butler Shares His Vaccination Story, Update on the J&J Vaccine, Dangerous Doughnuts, and More

In this week’s Dos & Don’ts we feature a vaccine testimonial from Exelon Utilities CEO Calvin Butler, information...

4 min read

Get Answers on Vaccines, the Separation, our DEI Commitment or Volunteerism

In this week’s Dos & Don’ts, you’ll get your questions answered! Whether it’s about vaccines; Exelon Connect; the...