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Healthcare & HR Resources

HR Services Center:  1-877-7EXELON

Call the COVID line (all non-Nuclear employees – 800-558-0039 and Nuclear employees – 815-458-7890) immediately if you or someone you reside with or have been in close contact with has tested positive for COVID-19. Do not report to the workplace.



Healthcare & HR Resources

  • Back-up Care Benefit

    The pre-pandemic Bright Horizons back-up care benefit and eligibility resumed Sept. 1, and the Crisis Care reimbursement program was discontinued.

    If you are an employee who was previously eligible for back-up care benefits prior to the pandemic, your back-up care bank will revert to the original program design.

    • If you already used 60 days this year, your bank is exhausted for 2020 and you will not be eligible for any additional days of back-up care until Jan. 1.

    • If you have used less than 60 days, you can check the number of days available to you through the end of the year by logging into


    If you are a represented employee who had not previously been eligible for the Bright Horizons back-up care benefit under your collective bargaining agreement before the pandemic, you will no longer have access to this benefit or to the website referenced above to request care after Aug. 31.

    As a reminder, your Bright Horizons back-up care benefit is here to help you with gaps in care when your regular daycare facility/provider is unavailable by offering care through on-site facilities or screened in-home caregivers (subject to availability).

  • Enhanced Academic and Sitter Support Services

    As schools reopen across the country, we recognize more than ever the complications and complexities this may bring. That's why we've partnered with Bright Horizons to offer a separate, enhanced resource to help you balance your work, family and personal responsibilities during this challenging time. These enhanced resources are available to all employees and include:

    • Access to a premium database of sitters, educational caregivers and other in-home care services through Sittercity (waived membership fee for Exelon employees = $150 value)
      Discounted pricing on a nanny placement service for trained, screened nannies through College Nannies ($300 value – note placement fee pricing may vary by geographical regions)

    • Exclusive discounts (up to 20 percent off) on academic and tutoring support and exam prep through award-winning learning platforms such as MarcoPolo, Varsity Tutors and Revolution Prep.

    Please keep in mind that you are responsible for the cost of services provided and any additional associated fees.

    To learn more about these resources, please visit our new site at and choose Enhanced Family Supports (no password needed). All employees have access to this new site. Choose the tile for the program you want, then click "Use it." From there, you'll be forwarded to the Bright Horizons partner website for that service to register and set up your account. You may also call customer support at 1-877-242-2737 for assistance.

  • Telehealth

    Telehealth through MDLive: Employees and dependents enrolled in Exelon medical coverage can connect with a board-certified health care provider via phone or video from the comfort of their home for non-emergent medical conditions (e.g., ear infections, upset stomachs, rashes and more). A copayment or coinsurance will apply.

    • Under the Exelon medical program, telehealth visits related to COVID-19 are covered at 100% and COVID-19 testing is covered at 100% for employees and their covered dependents when medically necessary and consistent with CDC guidance - no prior authorization is needed and there are no member copays or deductibles. Standard copayments, co-insurance, and coverage applies to cover the cost of COVID-19 treatment. 

    • If you have symptoms of COVID-19, telehealth doctors can assess your condition and help determine the necessary next steps, including any actions you may need to take with your primary physician. Additionally, in-network telehealth visits related to COVID-19 testing are covered at 100%. COVID-19 testing also is covered at 100% when completed by an in-network provider.

    • Wait times are currently longer than usual for immediate care appointments, but you will be given the option of scheduling a call-back. You can also schedule appointments in advance. Register and request an appointment with an MDLive doctor by downloading the MDLive app to your mobile device or visit:

    • For Cigna HMO members:

    • For all other medical options:

  • Spousal or Partner Health Insurance

    If your spouse or partner has lost his or her job and healthcare benefits, you have 30-days from the date of job loss to enroll them in Exelon’s benefits. Call the HR Services Center at 1-877-7EXELON (1-877-739-3566).

    Also, if you currently are paying a spousal surcharge and your spouse experiences a job loss, notify the service center to stop the surcharge.

  • Borrow from 401k

    The Exelon Employee Savings Plan (also known as the “ESP” or “401k”) provides employees with the opportunity for loans and hardship withdrawals, subject to plan terms and conditions.

    For account information, including information on loans, hardship distributions, in-service withdrawals, etc., go to and click “Savings & Retirement” from the main menu tab or call 1-877-7EXELON (1-877-739-3566)

    We’re also monitoring proposed legislation, which may offer more favorable terms for accessing 401k funds.

  • Sick Leave

    In order to help ease the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Exelon provides pay continuation for these COVID-19-related events:

    • Employee COVID-19-related illness: Employees who become ill with COVID-19 will not have to use days from their sick banks, but will be granted pay continuation until they are cleared to return to work or become eligible for short-term disability benefits (or other applicable disability- leave programs).

    • If, unfortunately, an employee’s illness is extended, short-term disability benefits (or other applicable disability-leave benefits) will be paid at a 100% base pay replacement level through the applicable benefit period.

    • Employee quarantine, without approval to work remotely due to confirmed or suspected exposure, including to a family member.

    • Workplace closure, without approval to work remotely or at an alternate company location (for duration of workplace closure)

    To receive the pay continuation benefit, an employee's illness or exposure must be confirmed to be COVID-19-related by OHS; OHS must restrict the employee from the workplace.

    • Employees must call the COVID line (all non-Nuclear employees – 800-558-0039 and Nuclear employees – 815-458-7890) to report the illness.

    • Employees also must continue to respond to any contact from Occupational Health Services (OHS) within 24 hours and comply with OHS direction regarding status updates, travel or other mobility restrictions, medical testing, and submission of medical or other documentation requested from you or your health care provider.

    • Questions should be directed to

    • Pay continuation is subject to verification, including documentation.

    1-877-7EXELON (1-877-739-3566) and in accordance with your applicable absence reporting procedure.

    We subsequently added Covid Lines as Covid progressed. It should be changed to advise employees to contact The Exelon Covid Line. For all company non- nuclear the number is 1-800-558-0039, then the correct opco option.

    For Nuclear the Covid Line number is 815-458-7890.

  • Employee Assistance Program

    Exelon’s Live and Work Well program is available to you – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

    Spouses and dependents are also eligible for Exelon’s Live and Work Well program.

    For more information, visit (access code: EXELON) or call (online assistance may be faster) 1-866-872-1666.

    All calls are confidential, and Exelon pays for up to six visits.

    Additionally, your friends, families, contractors and others can get free help through Optum’s Public Crisis Line at 1-866-342-6892.

  • Update Personal Information with HR

    To update your contact information, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Go to myHR

    2. Click “Access Employee Self Service”

    3. [people managers only: Click “Me”]

    4. Click “Contact Info” on the left-hand menu

    5. Update your Home Phone, Work Mobile Phone, and/or Home Mobile Phone

  • Additional FAQs

    Click here to view all the Exelon FAQs related to COVID-19. 


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Feeling Stressed or Anxious?

Optum Live & Work Well is here for you.
Confidential counseling services are available 24/7.

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shutterstock_211546936 [Converted]     1-866-872-1666

There is no cost to call and Exelon pays for up to six sessions.
The use of this benefit is confidential.