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Constellation's Coronavirus Information Center

Call the COVID line (all non-Nuclear employees – 800-558-0039 and Nuclear employees – 815-458-7890) immediately if you or someone you reside with or have been in close contact with has tested positive for COVID-19. Do not report to the workplace.


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For Constellation Responsible Re-entry updates and information, visit our information site.

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Employee FAQ

  • What new policies are being implemented to protect employees and customers?

    Exelon announced several policy changes on March 14 designed to fulfill our responsibility to the community by:

    • Practicing social distancing
    • Washing hands frequently,
    • Staying home if we are sick,
    • And encouraging remote-enabled employees to work from home when possible to keep them and their colleagues who cannot work remotely safe.

    Here is further guidance from Jim McHugh on what these decisions mean to Constellation employees: New Policies and Resources -- March 14, 2020

  • What precautions are we taking for employees who are not remote-enabled and have to come into the office?

    Those whose work functions must be completed within the office environment will continue to report to their primary work location.

    Local management is working to apply the techniques we have at our disposal, such as rotating shifts, split staffing, reduced staffing based on market conditions, relying on personnel who perform like functions in separate locations, alternating time between primary and backup locations, leveraging personal protective equipment (PPE) in line with OHS and safety guidance, employing pre-field call scripting to apply in advance of service calls and on-site work to mitigate exposure to illnesses on premises, daily employee cleaning of personal workspaces, and routine office cleanings and more.  These are all designed to support social distancing, disinfecting shared physical space and equipment and providing additional protection for required on-site personnel.

  • Are there any plans for layoffs or furloughs across the business?

    While we continue to provide an essential service to millions of customers across the country, we know we will not be immune to the economic challenges facing businesses nationwide. But right now, we are focused on the health and safety of all our employees and continuing to run this business safely, securely, and without interruption for our customers and communities.

  • With so many people working from home, what are we doing to enhance our IT networks? Does our infrastructure support the potential of doing this over the long term?

    The Exelon network is scaled to meet our full Exelon demand. On one day during our first “work-from-home” week, we had just over 12,000 VPN and Citrix connections with many additional users on the network through Office 365. Even with that load, we did not see any variation from the normal load we see when most people are working from the office.

    We did scale and increase our Skype capacity – increasing the number of allowable sessions and the number of supported simultaneous Skype telephone sessions – which is now scaled to allow for 24,000 Skype phone connections.

    The biggest common denominator and limiter is, and will continue to be, each person’s home network –the last mile. How well each of our local providers (like Verizon) can hold up to the increased volume given so many people across the U.S. are working from home, with kids home streaming Netflix and gaming. Local providers will ultimately drive and determine end-user experience on our network.

    If you experience problems or need any IT support, visit Exelon NOW (our new service portal) where you can find job aids and check the status of open tickets, email non-urgent requests to, Chat/IM the help desk through the icon on your desktop or call the Help Desk at 1-877-9EXELON. We want to know if you are experiencing degradations in any way and encourage you to reach out so we can help.

  • Work From Home policy is in place until April 30, but some speculate that the peak may not take place until May or even as late as July. Are we prepared to extend this policy if needed?

    Exelon Occupational Health Services is in regular contact with the CDC and is constantly evaluating its procedures and policies to reflect the current state of COVID-19 with regard to how best to safeguard our employees. That is our number one priority. We will not return to normal, in-office operations until we are confident that it is safe to so.

  • Is it OK to come into the office to get equipment?

    If you are remote-enabled, you are expected to be working from home and not reporting into the office. If you need to report to the office for any reason, you must gain approval from your supervisor. Exceptions can be made by your direct supervisors, but only if the request is critical for the role.

    Senior managers have been provided with limited discretionary authority to approve requests for equipment and supplies to help support the remote work environment.

    We need to ensure that the non-remote-enabled employees and field employees with critical functions who are still reporting to our offices or customer sites are provided with the space to spread out to comply with social distancing and to maintain a safe environment.

  • Will there be an update for individuals who pay for parking using Wage Works that are now working from home until April 30?

    For BHQ parkers: Premium Parking is not giving refunds for the past month, but they are allowing cancellations for the month ahead. If you have already paid, you can visit to obtain a refund for April. Premium Parking has not issued any statements regarding COVID-19 nor altered any of their policies. 

  • This is such a stressful time and sure to get more stressful as time goes on. Have company leaders thought about the toll this kind of upheaval could take on staff over a long period of time?

    Navigating uncertainty and stress and the adjustments we have all had to make in our personal and professional lives can undoubtedly take a toll. The Constellation HR team has developed and identified tools that can help in your self-care and self-management and for virtual leadership. We care very much about how your health and well-being.

    We know things will continue to get more challenging as this pandemic stretches on and we will continue to provide resources and support.

  • Is it possible to get a national view on what changes are happening in the regulatory space as it relates to COVID19?

    On the state regulatory level, we have seen many of the states in which we do business issue COVID-19 directives affecting the practices of the Commissions and of competitive energy suppliers.  With respect to Commission practices, we have seen the postponement or cancellation of in-person meetings as well as the suspension of paper filing requirements, as state Commissions work to navigate restrictions on in-person gathers and accommodate the remote working conditions many of the entities they regulate are dealing with.  With respect to the activities of competitive energy suppliers, many Commissions have issued directives imposing a moratorium on all door-to-door sales, in some cases expanding those directives to cover all in-person marketing. In addition, many states have ordered utilities to suspend service disconnections and the imposition of late fees during this time.  The State Government Affairs team has been tracking and maintaining a complete list of these developments.

  • Will BGE HOME technicians, plumbers and electricians be compensated for putting themselves and families at much higher risk? I’m concerned that these employees will use up their allotment if sick time and as a result, this could cause us not to be able to meet customer demand.

    BGE HOME continues to focus on the safety of all employees, including our field employees who are interacting with the public, while balancing the need to provide essential services to our community during these unprecedented times.  BGE HOME safety measures have been implemented, such as social distancing and use of personal protective equipment.  No pay premium is being implemented at this time.  However, we’ve adopted pay practices that allow the business and its employees to leverage use of various leaves, as approved by HR/OHS, to address a myriad of personal circumstances employees are facing.

  • What are our plans for returning to the office? Will there be any precautions taken before letting everyone back into the office, such as requiring everyone to be tested for the virus?

    Constellation’s Business Continuity team has begun high level planning on what a return to normal work status would look like across our various office locations. Ultimately, this will require extensive coordination across different jurisdictions as well as the need to stay in line with guidelines being put forth by the CDC. (Also keeping in mind that there are different standards and regulations in place throughout the various states.)

    We will not return to our normal, in-office status until we are fully confident that it is safe to do so.

    While there is still more to be ironed out on this front, the leadership team is committed to providing ample communication as those decisions begin to take shape.

  • If I’m remoted into a desktop at my office location and the desktop were to shut down/off, who should I contact?

    Users requiring a desktop reboot should reach out to the Help Desk at 1-877-9EXELON (1-877-939-3566). The Help Desk will route the right person to the location to reboot desktops as needed.

  • Will our full-year targets be updated given the economic downturn and the potential for a slow recovery?

    Constellation entered into the year with its LRP (long range plan), and historically has updated its targets every quarter. This process will continue. As we gain new information related to the impact of COVID-19, we’ll incorporate those insights into our process when updating quarterly targets.

    Our primary focus is the safety of our employees and customers. As far as earnings for this year, we will be hurt, but we want to make sure we take care of our core business, operate safely, and monitor cash flow and balance sheet priorities. It’s also important to remember that this is not a single industry issue — this is something most companies in the country are dealing with. We’re not alone.

    The priority right now is stabilizing our business and making sure we can operate effectively. There are a lot of people working on understanding COVID-19’s impact on volumes and our new business capabilities and monitoring a lot metrics on a day-to-day basis to understand how these early days have impacted our business flow. Later in April, we’ll have our best estimate on the impact of this and will modify our targets accordingly.


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