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Get up to date with all ComEd COVID-19 related news. 

Call the COVID line (all non-Nuclear employees – 800-558-0039 and Nuclear employees – 815-458-7890) immediately if you or someone you reside with or have been in close contact with has tested positive for COVID-19. Do not report to the workplace.


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Work Reductions

  • Why are field employees doing maintenance work in addition to emergency work? How will work be reduced?

    All of the work we do is critical to providing reliable energy to our customers. However, we are looking at our workplan to ensure we are minimizing opportunities for exposure. For that reason, we announced last week that we are reducing field employee work on average to 48 hours and contractors to 40 hours per week. The exceptions would be during storm, emergent work or essential work requiring more hours due to outage constraints. Our customers’ need us more than ever during these times.  The demand for reliable energy is essential because of customers working at home, home schooling, medical equipment, and recreational (TV/wifi demands).


    To quickly respond to workforce changes, we’ve grouped our work into three tiers, based on priority – tier one work representing the highest priority work. Currently, we’re performing work in all three tiers. Our focus remains that in all the work that we perform, we will perform it safely. As it becomes necessary to adjust our workplans due to projections of available resources, we will use these priority tiers to guide our work. For example, we have begun to scale back portions of or all of the work in tier three before beginning to scale back work in tier two.


    Tier one work includes:

    • Public health and safety emergencies
    • Outage restoration and repairs
    • Work promoting the health of the electric transmission and distribution system
    • Essential regulatory capital projects and NERC required preventive maintenance
    • Risk mitigation for in-progress work
    • Seasonal readiness work (Summer preparedness)


    Tier two work includes:

    • Reliability program work
    • Vegetation management work
    • Priority maintenance work
    • Regulatory and customer commitments


    Tier three work includes:

    • Non-NERC/Regulatory-required preventive maintenance for electric transmission and distribution
    • Some vegetation management, including lower-tier distribution cycle preventive maintenance
    • Some field and meter services, including meter maintenance, theft investigations and meter inventory.


    If we start to see our workforce absentee numbers get to, or are projected to get to, significant percentages, we may need to switch to a “lights out” work plan. Please stay in touch with your supervisor for updates and changes as the situation continues to evolve.


Social Distancing

  • How should employees practice social distancing when working alongside other departments and employees and sharing trucks?

    We ask employees to use their best judgment and, as possible, practice social distancing to be safe at this time. We recently introduced guidance that employees may take separate company vehicles to get to and from job sites. We have rented more than 325 additional vehicles so we can allow more employees to ride individually to jobsites. A personal vehicle may be used if a company vehicle is not available. If a personal vehicle is used, mileage may be submitted. 

    We recently mandated that masks be worn by anyone working in or entering a Control Room. Masks were provided to all Control Room employees.  We’ve also issued masks to almost all of the field workforce.

  • Can employees take trucks home or to a substation and jobsite instead of gathering together after conference calls in the morning?

    We are not currently increasing the number of employees who take company vehicles home. However, in order to improve social distancing opportunities, we have rented more than 325 vehicles so we can allow more employees to ride individually to jobsites. 


    Additionally, with management approval, we are allowing jobsite reporting to remote sites; i.e. substations. 

  • What does sequestering employees entail?

    All our work is essential as confirmed by the state. However there are some functions that are specialized and technical and cannot be done remotely – specifically the OCC and TSO dispatchers taking steps to minimize the risk to our control room personnel, where personnel have been split into two teams and are assigned either a primary control center or backup control center to minimize the risk of infecting the whole team. Within each control center steps have been taken based on facility layout to maximize social distancing.

    Sequester planning is underway for these specialized employee groups to avoid any external exposure to COVID-19. A 30% absence level or high confidence of getting to that level will trigger sequestration of this group.



  • How is the company curtailing trainings?

    All refresher training has been postponed. However, we are continuing progression training for now, as this is critical for workforce development and our ability to respond to the needs of the grid. Additionally, we are working on virtual training opportunities for Customer Operations. In all instances, social distancing is being implemented.


Supplies and PPE

  • When does the company expect more hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, masks and gloves to arrive?

    Our Supply organization is continuing to work to secure materials like masks, hand sanitizer and gloves. So far, we have distributed tens of thousands of masks. We have 250,000 additional masks in the pipeline coming in from around the country and internationally. Some of those have begun to arrive. We are distributing on an as-needed basis, especially for that work that makes social distancing more difficult. We are also working creatively with vendors to get hand sanitizer. We have partnered with a distillery who is making hand sanitizer for ComEd and other first responders. That is also being distributed to our service centers. Please work with your supervisor to identify and obtain the materials you need to do your work safely.

  • Is ComEd supporting local hospitals by donating PPE and supplies?

    ComEd is committed to keeping the lights on. We have the responsibility to provide essential energy services, which includes powering medical centers and hospitals so the medical community can continue to care for patients with COVID-19. We did proactive walkdowns at those facilities to ensure their equipment is operating reliably. Our dedicated employees are practicing social distancing as they continue to perform their work, but a portion of our workforce, particularly those employees who enter a customer’s home or business, in certain circumstances may need to wear additional protective equipment like a mask. At this time, we are working to ensure that the employees who need this protective equipment have it, and do not anticipate having a surplus of supplies that could be donated.

    However, ComEd and Exelon are donating more than $2 million to United Way of Metro Chicago and Chicago Community Trust’s COVID-19 Response Fund and the Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund to support communities impacted by the spread of the coronavirus.


Emergency Duty Pay

  • Is the company considering emergency duty pay for field employees and CSRs?

    Right now, we are not considering emergency duty pay. Our focus is taking every step we can to make jobs safe. We are working to secure and distribute emergency equipment, like masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes to employees and locations to ensure everyone works a safely as possible. We are also adjusting our processes and procedures to make more services available to employees, including child and elder care and other benefits.


Working From Home

  • How long will employees work from home?

    Gov. Pritzker announced that the Illinois stay at home order has been extended to April 30. We will continue to follow the Governor’s guidance for our own employees working from home as we all work together to stem the tide of COVID-19.


Company Health

  • Should employees be concerned about potential job loss?

    We are not considering layoffs. The reality is, once this is over, we are likely to see a spike in work for the balance of this year and into next year. In fact, as noted in a Friday update call, we’ve recently hired 30 new construction workers.




Employee Support

  • What help is there for employees whose families have been affected by COVID-19 (e.g., job loss, childcare)?

    We want to help take as much concern about the ramification of COVID-19 from our employees as possible.

    Because of the pandemic, Bright Horizons COVID-19 Crisis Care program has been increased to 30 days per dependent, per year. While most Bright Horizon’s care centers are closed, two options are available to Exelon employees:

    • In-home child or elder care (provides access to Bright Horizon’s nationwide network of experienced and credentialed in-home care providers. Providers are following COVID-19 guidelines.)
    • Crisis Care -- which we recently added to provide additional support for employees who need back-up care due to COVID-19 -- reimburses you up to $100 per day for the care provided by someone in your own network.

    If your spouse or partner has lost his or her job and healthcare benefits, you have 30 days from the date of job loss to enroll them in Exelon’s benefits. Call the HR Services Center at 1-877-7EXELON (1-877-739-3566). Also, if you currently are paying a spousal surcharge and your spouse experiences a job loss, notify the service center to stop the surcharge.

    Please know that the Exelon’s Live and Work Well program is available to you – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Spouses and dependents are also eligible for Exelon’s Live and Work Well program. Support programs offered include:

    • Adult and Eldercare Services
    • Child, Family and Parenting Support
    • Chronic Illness and Condition Support
    • Convenience Service Referrals
    • Educational Resources 

    For more information, visit (access code: EXELON) or call (online assistance may be faster) 1-866-872-1266. All calls are confidential, and Exelon pays for up to six visits.

  • What is being done to protect more vulnerable employees, such as those with autoimmune issues and/or lung issues who must come into work or return to offices when they reopen?

    We know that some of you have additional health issues that give you greater concerns regarding COVID-19. We are deep cleaning our facilities on a regular basis. If, for instance, you have a suppressed autoimmune system that could impact your ability to work, you should contact OHS to determine appropriate next steps. If you have other unique circumstances, please work with your supervisor to determine next steps.

  • How can those working from home support our workforce that has to be in the field at this time?

    Please feel free to call or email employees you know who are working in the field to see how they are doing. It’s good to let people know you are thinking of them. Also, share on social media the great and important work our people are doing in the field

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