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BGE’s Coronavirus Information Center

Call the COVID line (all non-Nuclear employees – 800-558-0039 and Nuclear employees – 815-458-7890) immediately if you or someone you reside with or have been in close contact with has tested positive for COVID-19. Do not report to the workplace.



Responsible Re-entry

For BGE Responsible Re-entry updates and information, visit our information site.

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This site is a supplement to Exelon coronavirus online resources that can be accessed via the links at the top of the page. On this BGE page you will find BGE-specific information, such as replays of BGE all-employee update calls, and links to other BGE-specific resources such as the BGE Responsible Re-entry site. Thank you for all you are doing to stay safe, serve our customers and help get all of us through the pandemic.

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Feeling Stressed or Anxious?

Optum Live & Work Well is here for you.
Confidential counseling services are available 24/7.

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shutterstock_211546936 [Converted]     1-866-872-1666

There is no cost to call and Exelon pays for up to six sessions.
The use of this benefit is confidential.